Published On: Sun, Sep 25th, 2016

Ivy P. Debuts Makeup Tutorials on Sofrito For Your Soul & Showcases Latina Owned Makeup Brands


Editors Note: It is an honor to highlight a new emerging (and honest voice) in the make up artist genre. I met this young lady thru one of my best friends about a year ago… and I watched her grow in both creativity and influence… almost tripling her following in just months. I thought it was time to give you something new and different… and Ivy is up for the challenge. She is a friend… and now a contributor… Felicidades Ivy. To my audience… Buen Provecho… – George Torres. 

Hello, my name is Ivy & I am a Puerto Rican beauty blogger on YouTube. I have been passionate about makeup since I can remember and I started my channel back in 2012. I was one sassy pequeñita who has now blossomed into a Fluffy Diva with a little extra Sazòn.(No seriously, I used to put Sazón on as lipstick, which guaranteed date with the chanqleta.)

Anyway, I wanted to create a video that showcases some Latina owned makeup brands that maybe not too many people have tried. Many have done the B.O.M.B challenge(Black Owned Makeup Brands), including myself. But I wanted to created something for the Latinas as well. Now granted there are a couple of Latina owned companies like Kat Von D Cosmetics & Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba, but how many can you name off the top of your head? I don’t know about you, but I had a tough time. So a couple of years ago I came across a brand called Besamé Cosmetics and fell in love with the message behind the brand and the beauty of the collection. It is inspired by the 1940’s & up. They are very meticulous in matching their lipsticks shades to those exact of the era they are recreating, which in itself is impressive. From the packaging to the simplicity of the collection, it made my makeup addicted heart flutter with glee.


So clearly, I had to include some of the collection in this tutorial. I also came across Nuance Cosmetics by Salma Hayek, which is sold exclusively at CVS and was surprised to see a Latina owned makeup brand at a drugstore. The line carries the essentials for a natural, everyday look, which is consumer friendly. I wanted to bring awareness to the lack of diverse brands out there and to also try to expand my viewers outlook on makeup. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it. xoxo

Watch the Latina Owned Makeup Brands Tutorial!


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Ivy P. Debuts Makeup Tutorials on Sofrito For Your Soul & Showcases Latina Owned Makeup Brands