Published On: Tue, Jun 22nd, 2010

It all started with a status update…let’s play a game!!!

Reidenwright  The Status from our friend and supporter (Reid Enwright) read as follows…

"Seriously, I'm tired of seeing peoples heads tilted towards the floor, looking at their cellphones. We don't even look at each other any more. Who's down to play manhunt??"

She is right...

Our kids do not know what it is like to "play outside" They are glued to an array of devices that keep their attention to a tiny screen that beeps, tweets and keeps them virtually involved. This is very much a part of inner city culture prior to the 90's and their are probably variations in suburbia and rural areas as well.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we played games like Ringoleavio (Manhunt), Skully (Skelly), Stoopball, Stickball… the list goes on and on. When was the last time you saw girls play double dutch?



The discussion has begun…

Reid Enwright says "Yo0o0…foreal! Lets do this! I wanna smell like outside for once, instead of having a cramp neck from looking into a screen!!!! Please play me with me!!! LOL"

The question I pose (inspired by Reid Enwright's status update and challenge…who is down for a day of street games? Let's jumpstart our kids imaginations and save them from a sedentary childhood.

This discussion is not really a new one…our friend Kieth Roach once challenged me to a game of Skelly…it may be time to make that happen.

If you are not in NYC…we can share the rules of the games with you so that you can organize your own day in your neighborhood…

Interested? Email us at 

It all started with a status update…let’s play a game!!!