Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2009

Mi Gente…click here and get your portable Parranda…

It is your favorite Jibaro aka El Compai De La Cultura…and those of you that know me know well know that I am a hardcore techie…and this is one of those times that my tendency to be nerdy merges with the cultural me. I was saying hi to some friends on Facebook…(shout to you all…) and I saw an ad for "IPHONE PARRANDA" and I am not one to click on ads…but they got me with the catchy name and bright colors.

What I found was an Iphone App that allows you to have an impromptu parranda with a few swipes of your finger…great for someone like me that misses the parrandas because they are in Nueva York while everyone else is in sunny Florida and Puerto Rico…yes Mom…I am talking about you.

Like they would say in Puerto Rico…"ESTO ESTA BRUTAL!!!!" Check out the demo here.

BIG SHOUT TO "VAYA BROQUI" for a great concept.

I am not an Iphone user soooo all I want to know is when is it coming out on Android or Blackberry???

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

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What is Parranda?

Guiro, maracas, panderos, palitos & iPhone™! These holidays get ready to party with the savory sounds of the Puerto Rican parranda. The Parranda Puerto Rico app for iPhone and iPod® touch puts all the essential instruments of the traditional parranda boricua at your disposal so you can serenade your loved ones with every ‘aguinaldo’, ‘bomba’, and ‘plena’ at your disposal.

Parranda Puerto Rico will soon be available on the iPhone App Store and iTunes®.

Can’t carry a rhythm to save your life? All alone during the holidays? Parranda’s got you covered with your own portable rhythm repertoire, pre-recorded by Puerto Rican musicians, for you to take with you to Christmas parties, New Year’s festivities, Three Kings Day, and other celebrations. Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your sound system or speakers, crank up the volume, choose your rhythm and play your ‘Parranda’ until dawn!

Parranda is also ideal for impromptu music jams in office settings. Unleash your holiday spirit from your cubicle with authentic rhythms and sounds from Puerto Rico with the Parranda app for iPhone and iPod touch!

Parranda v1.1 includes:

  • Instrumentos (Instruments) – A collection of four essential instruments for a traditional Puerto Rican Parranda. Each includes two instrument views: Full View or Zoom In.  Includes: Güiro, Maracas, Panderos, and Palitos.
  • Ritmos (Rhythms) – Authentic Puerto Rican Parranda rhythms – recorded by local musicians from Puerto Rico.  Includes: Pleneros, Plena con tó, Bomba, and Aguinaldo.
  • Jolgorio (Life of the Party) – Sound collection to energize your Parranda.  Includes: ¡Asalto!Uuuá UuuáWeeepa¡Felicidades!, and ¡Trucutá trucutá… buena que está!

Mi Gente…click here and get your portable Parranda…