Published On: Fri, Jan 8th, 2016

If You Love Something, Set It Free… (I Am Giving My Website Away)

Mi Gente…

This year marks our 19th year in existence. This site started as my personal poetry page (pre-social media) to a Latino Listings Project, and Online Magazine. Today I am proud to say that it has a little of all that but it has grown into a powerful platform. It has been instrumental for launching community projects, promoting events, raising awareness, laughing & learning to reconnect with our cultural heritage.

Although we have had great guest bloggers in the past, it was the exception rather than the rule. Today that changes… we are starting an 18 month campaign called Emerging Voices to really cultivate new talent into the content creation world and promote them to the over 25k readers that join us here monthly.

The intention is to prove a concept and eventually transition Sofrito For Your Soul back to the community that built it. The way I intend on doing that is merging the website with our Capicu School of Poetic Arts (La SoPA NYC) we are currently building in NYC. This transition should be final by May of 2017 to coincide with our 20th anniversary. It is then that I would have fulfilled a personal promise to build something that will outlive me.

Because I know I cannot do everything… I am happy to announce that Sarah Serrano aka Lil Sheba will be the first editor to manage Sofrito For Your Soul other than me. I chose her because of her range of talent (writing, performing, acting… oh and she plays a ukele) as well as her ability to build community amongst her peers. I first met Sheba when she was part of the inaugural class of La SoPA NYC. I knew when I first saw her perform that I wanted to work with her and our relationship naturally developed into a mentoring one and this is the next step in her development.

I thank Sheba… for taking on this challenge and helping me build something bigger.

Here is her first act as Emerging Voices Editor… Buen Provecho!

George ‘Urban Jibaro’ Torres
photo Phone: 516-690-7397

Want to work with me?Let’s schedule a chat…


Open Call For Submissions!

10356170_784817224977954_547789217774576005_nHey Sofrito lovers! My name is Sarah Serrano aka Little Sheba. I am an educator and an artist around the clock! Yes, I even dream about my passions. I’m so excited to join the Sofrito family as the Emerging Voices Editor. Our mission is to share the many talents found in our community.

We want to promote YOUR voice. What do you have to say in 2016? Your work should reflect: CHANGE. Maybe you want to share an idea that’s reflected through the imagery in your art work, you’ve learned a new recipe that gets picky eaters to sit down at the table, or a song that keeps listeners humming that important message you wanted to share, all day.

Starting in 2016 we will be looking for the following: short stories, poetry, music, visual art, video, and recipes. We want to get to know the hidden gems that reside in our very own backyard. Let us start off this New Year by celebrating nuestra Latinidad.

Submit your work to:

   Know someone who creates? Share this page and encourage them to submit. Yes, we want to hear from you! Now, what are you waiting for?! Submit!

-Sarah Serrano
Editor for Emerging Voices

Deadline: January 31, 2016

If You Love Something, Set It Free… (I Am Giving My Website Away)