Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2007

iCapicu! Poetry Showcase

Capicu2_2 For Immediate Release 

Brooklyn, NY —(Sofrito For Your Soul) –March 7, 2007—Sofrito For Your Soul and Espacio Latino are hosting iCapicu! Poetry Showcase at Area 51 Lounge in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Friday March 23, 2007. The program will feature spoken word in open mic format and will also feature local artist exhibitions.

iCapicu! Poetry is a collaboration between two progressive Latinos:

Urban Jibaro is the founder of, an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States.

PaPo Swiggity is the creator of EspacioLatinoon MySpace, which features news, articles and talent from across the latino-american diaspora.

Together, we are networking and coordinating events in the interest of multicultural urban life solidarity. Join us in a celebration of human understanding, one small step at a time.. in this case, commencing with Capicu! Poetry on March 23rd. Spread the word!

About Sofrito For Your Soul

Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States. Our mission is to share the spirit of our heritage through art, fashion, music, dance, traditions,and emerging trends. We strive to offer Latinos a chance to reconnect with their heritage and extend an invitation to other cultures to experience the beauty of everything we have to offer.
About Espacio Latino

"Espacio Latino" a subcommunity on MySpace, features news, events and gatherings from across the Latino-American diaspora. It’s goal is to represent diversity despite the fact that we are grouped together perceptually in the eyes of the others. Espacio Latino believes it’s about time we educate ourselves about our brethren and simultaneously, educate the open minded mainstream about our differences, similarities, and solidarity!

For more information, please contact George Torres at (718) 371-0671 or at

Friday, March 23, 2007
8:00pm -10:00pm

Area 51
291 Hooper St .

Brooklyn, NY 11211 

COST: Free

iCapicu! Poetry Showcase