Published On: Tue, Jan 29th, 2019

I Want To Give My Website Back To The Community.

Ok…so here is the question of the day…

If I let you into my virtual kitchen, what would you cook?

I have been cooking in this virtual kitchen (website) for over 20 years when there weren’t very many Latinos on the web talking about our culture, promoting events and developing projects in the community. That was a very long time ago…today there are many websites, blogs, tweeters and authorities on your social network of choice that talk about these topics and so much more.

It feels good to not be “one of the few” and to have lots of peers to draw inspiration from these days…and open up to new opportunities in this blogging genre.

I broke night looking thru archives and reminiscing on milestones.

Sofrito For Your Soul

Screenshot of Sofrito For Your Soul Circa 2002

We are truly making Sofrito when it comes to media….

Today, our companies, Sofrito Media GroupandCapicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase are involved with the cultural scene from a multi dimensional point of view.

Today I publish blog posts thru our sites, I maintain a strong presence on Facebook, InstagramandTwitter (and other social sites), I promote other great Latino sites on the web. The game changed once I partnered with Juan “Papo Swiggity” Santiago. Via Capicu we collaborate on community events, we curate and host poetry / cultural showcases, we have developed philanthropies, we connect employers and candidates in jobs that require multicultural experience. We have even developed a School of Poetic Arts that is currently incubating at the world famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Thru Sofrito Media Group I teach business empowerment and social media via conferences, develop influencer campaigns / events and most recently, I have launched a new podcast called Social Sofrito! on Anchor.FM. (my previous Podcast was actually a live show called Radio Capicu that was on Blog Talk Radio and eventually moved to Urban Latino Radio).

Social Sofrito! mixes conversations around poetry, music, storytelling, art, culture andbrandbuilding. These conversations hope to inspire you to create a strong foundation for your brand that will help you build relationships that transcend social platforms into real life communities.

Historically, I have never looked at any other entity as competition…only inspiration, which is why I promote everyone that promotes positivity within our community. My calling is to be a bridge builder and a connector

It is that spirit that I want to open the doors to my kitchen…and share it with other great “cocineros”.


So what does this mean to you?

Today our virtual space is growing by leaps and bounds with so amazing talented writers, poets, artists, musicians, authors, content creators, community leaders and so on… as I mentioned,  I am so inspired that I want to open my doors to a select few to contribute to the Sofrito For Your Soul experience.

So if you think that you can add value to our readers experience…let us know today.

You can tell your story, promote your passions and connect with others just like you.

In short, share your Sofrito with us and let’s see what we can cook together!

What are we looking for?

  • Book reviews
  • Recipes
  • Latino venue reviews
  • Poetry (we love poetry here)
  • Movie reviews
  • Essays about Latino life.
  • Virtual visual art exhibits
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Ideas for the radio show
  • Video concepts

Or anything else that promotes our culture to each other and those that love our heritage.

We are open to new ideas and look forward to hearing from you. I would love to hear from people from every corner of this country that is just passionate about our culture and wants to share their sofrito with us.

Special thanks to those who have already stepped up to take part in the first of many projects that will reshape this website and keep us and our culture relevant.

Are you in?

Please email us at

You can read our submissions guidelines here.

As I am,

George Torres
Sofrito Media Group, Inc
516-690-7397 |
Want to work with me? Let’s schedule a chat…
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I Want To Give My Website Back To The Community.