Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2009

I got beef with Victor Cruz…el me la va a pagar!!!

yeah you heard me…I HAVE BEEF WITH VICTOR CRUZ…

Can you believe this dude????

I cannot believe the lengths some people will go through in order not to pay a debt…I mean when Victor was with me in the bodega,…he had no problem asking me for $2.48 to get a Jamaican beef patty with cheese and a Tropical Fantasy soda…dude is dodging me and I want reparations. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY I NEED NEW FRIENDS…

Psyche…HA HA…some of you people are such bonchincheros……So some of you that may have listened today when I was on The Victor
Cruz Morning Show
emailed, text and tweeted me about Victor's absence
from the show…it is almost like you wanted me to wait for him after school…hazme el favor…people like you are the reason I got beat up in middle school.

Dale un break…Victor is my boy…and he is doing big things…he was actually filming today. I was well aware of him not coming in to work today…but it was really important to get the info out about La Feria De Salud that is happening this Saturday in the Bronx…

I want to thank him and his team… Yari (The Queen of Washington Heights) and Gil T (who I have not seen since the Uptown Comedy Club days) showed a Jibaro mad love…and it was a good time.

The range of our conversation was crazy for such a short interview…we talked about the origins of the blog, racial discrimination, Capicu Poetry, my radio show, my college days at SUNY Old Westbury, eating healthy, social media, parenting, the young lords, my family and the 3 upcoming projects all happening in the next 20 days…

In case you could not tune in…here are the events I was plugging today.

If you are interested in getting involved with these and other Sofrito Media Group projects…hit me up.

Again..I want to thank the whole Urban Latino Radio family for giving us an opportunity to reach the masses on their incredible radio platform…special shout to Angie Couture, Jorge Cano Moreno and my boy from college, Mateo de La Rosa who I bumped into just before entering the studio in DUMBO.

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Last but not least…Here is a picture I snapped with my new blackberry of the bridge from the deck of the studio….priceless


As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

I got beef with Victor Cruz…el me la va a pagar!!!