Published On: Sun, Dec 21st, 2014

I Confess… I Have Been A Bad, Bad Boy Lately.

999116_10151799036059169_324866953_nNo, this is not a letter to Santa trying to get brownie points 5 days before Christmas to get a [Insert Cool Gift Here] under my tree.

This is me being accountable to you. For the last three years, you have watched me struggle with diabetes and make some incredible progress. You have watched me go from being almost 350 lbs after my near death experience and shrink to about 260lbs today. I did well for a while… while i was talking about it. Believe it or not… helping people like you talk about health actually keeps me healthy.

So what happens… #PorTuFamilia campaign came to a close, and I stopped talking about it… I stopped thinking about it and I started getting cocky. I had accomplished a 7.4 A1C (down from 14+)…

and I made what could have been the biggest mistake of my life.

I started;

– eating things I shouldn’t outside of designated cheat days

– drinking diet drinks (with Aspartame)

– losing control of my meal times while traveling.


I also stopped,

– checking my glucose levels

– taking my medication

– going to the gym


Do I really need to tell you how bad this is? probably not but I will…

For 4 months, while I traveled all over the country… I have planned meticulously for everything EXCEPT for my health, putting myself in grave danger.

Then the American Health Rankings come out, giving us a glimpse of how our communities measure up when it comes to obesity, diabetes and cardiac health. Seeing those numbers reminded me that I am part of the problem. I am part of the 30% of Latinos that have Diabetes and the 31.4%  that are obese. Leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Realizing I am spiraling out of control, I went to see my new Dr. (we will call him Dr. Super… cause he is a super great guy). He sat me down and discussed my results with me, it seems that reverting back to old habits have elevated my A1C again (10.4) and my triglycerides are at an all time high 304, when it should be at 150.  I am totally at risk of heart failure, blindness, amputation and even death. worst part is, I have nobody to blame but myself. This an excerpt of what Dr. Super had to say to me;

George, you care about your family right? You would do anything for them right? You work hard… You work hard because you need to make money right? So what if I told you that your job is now getting healthy? If you depended on getting to the gym, working out every morning and eating right to make money, you would do it every day. That is your work ethic.

So I am telling you… you need to get to the gym, work out every morning and eat right, because if you are not healthy, you cannot go out to work and make money. You are the priority… you should be your first appointment each day.

He is right… and it is not like he is telling me something I do not know.If I know better, I should do better.

Every day that passes I am at risk… I know I cannot wait until new years comes around to resolve to do better. I need to do better… and I know I have to do it now. So I am committing to again put myself first.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I will share tips and tricks on how to do this.

This time… I will do it for me… and hopefully I will lead you down the same path by casting the shadow of a leader. I will continue to share my tips with you.

If you want to share resources and updates with me… or follow my progress —> stay tuned to the #ProyectoHealth hashtag on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. I am not going to lie.. your engagement with me during this time is inspirational.

Check out my last blog post…. A Quick Snapshot of Hispanic Health in America.

– George Torres aka The Healthy Jibaro!

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I Confess… I Have Been A Bad, Bad Boy Lately.