Published On: Wed, Mar 9th, 2016

I Broke My Weight Loss Plateau Dancing Salsa

12798846_10153980485584169_8154136423366042766_nForget fad diets… supplements and starving yourself.


I broke my weight loss plateau by getting more active and my favorite exercise is Salsa. I have been talking about it so much because it works. So this is where I was, a little over 3 months ago I was discouraged. I had changed my eating habits significantly and had lost weight. It allowed me to get to a weight that would allow me to get more active. My diabetes was pretty much under control and then after 3 months I saw ZERO weight loss after hitting 260.

I knew then what the missing factor was… it was exercise. Waking up at 4am, working hard and going to bed at 10pm does not constitute for being active… especially when I am sitting at a desk most of the time, writing and doing consultations. In an ideal world I would make it to the gym 4X a week and I would probably be in better shape. It was not happening. In addition, my work schedule was taking a toll  on my personal life… I am not meeting new people and I am not doing anything that is just mine.

So I met Jose & Marcus from Salsa Salsa Dance Studio, visit one of their classes and realized that I needed to revisit my dream of being a better dancer. The rest as they say is history.

What made the difference…?

Salsa Salsa does a few things that made me engage deeper with the studio, my fellow students and myself.

Salsa Socials – They sponsor and promote great Salsa socials in Brooklyn to give students an outlet to practice and gain experience dancing with people on different levels. It really helps that the venues are super cool places with good food and great drinks.

They add value by giving you more – So you join a new beginner class and you are 2 months in… in your 3rd month you have access to a 2nd class. This is key because you can either use it as a way to practice, it can be a make up class or if you are a little more advanced you can find a class that is a month ahead and jump right into the action and challenge yourself. They also have unlimited classes if you feel like you want to dance more than 3 days a week.

They inspire you to do better – Frequent trips to different Salsa / Bachata competitions inspire you to be the best you can be. Salsa Salsa is part of the Brooklyn Touch Performance Team and they recently visited Cuba, which must have been amazing.

It inspired me so much that when I was recently visited Ecuador, I took every opportunity I could to dance. I danced with friends, I danced with strangers, I danced in the jungle, I danced in the historic districts, near volcanoes, on the train…


I just danced as a celebration of being able to do something that helps me celebrate culture and get closer to my health goals.

As of today… I am down 12 lbs… after having ZERO weight loss in 3 months but if you want to see the total impact to my health, read my last post.

What is my routine?

Here it is…

I take classes on Friday and Sundays (2 hours each class)

I frequent the Salsa Socials on Thursdays (Yayo’s) and 2-3 times a month on Fridays (Cherry Tree)

I am starting to get up and dance two songs avery two hours when I work from home to step away from the laptop.

and I am committing to get to the gym at least twice a week… to start some weights (my biggest challenge yet)

Visit to get info on upcoming classes, socials and dance trips.


Can You Help Me Do Better?

Do you have some tips you can share with me? Not only am I open to it… I will share them with our readers.



I Broke My Weight Loss Plateau Dancing Salsa