Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

I am Learning How To Slow Down…


I am aware that I truly do not know how to vacation. I travel a lot and I love to leave town and discover things. What I do not know how to do is disconnect completely and just relax. It has never been more noticeable than my last road trip. The plan was for me and Papo (my friend and business partner) to go up to the Buffalo area in NY (Medina to be exact) and just chill after closing out our 8th season of Capicu Culture and our second season of The School of Poetic Arts.  We decided we would plan a 7 hour drive to visit friends, visit Niagra Falls, do some writing and pretty much relax.

Let me tell you what really happened…

I got to the house of the friends that were hosting us and almost immediately asked for the Wi-Fi password and was already thinking about how my day would play out the next day if I got up at 5am to get some work done. Keep in mind, I had no deadlines, no conference calls, no emergencies… nothing that I had to attend to. Then the universe conspired in my favor and the Wi-Fi went out, and I will admit that it made me crazy for like an hour. Papo finally was just like… relax, just take this all in and you will see how inspired you will get once we get back to the city.

So instead of being tethered to the social interwebs… I made it my business to just enjoy each and every moment, from the July 4th fireworks to the vast beauty of the Niagra Falls and really engaging conversation people with people I barely knew (that have become family).  I really enjoyed Niagra Falls, which is a place I have been wanting to visit since I first started watching cartoons. I really enjoyed learning about Medina, NY and just exploring the town.

This trip did inspire lots of ideas as it allowed me some silence to really hear myself. It also helped me think of my lifestyle in a different way… I have been living a healthier lifestyle but I am still  far from living a healthy lifestyle.

After this experience, here are some of the realizations I have come to acknowledge.

Niagra Falls RoadtripSpecial Thanks to Toyota USA for letting us test drive a 2015 Toyota Avalon (Hybrid) that got us from Brooklyn to Buffalo is less than 3/4’s of a tank of gas… so cool. As you can see this family loves the #AmericanMadeToyota

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The changes I need to tackle the next level of healthy living…

The ability to sit still, breathe and sit in silence.

Not just on vacation, but daily. I need time to simply be left to the thoughts in my head and process them. I need to incorporate 1 hour of writing a day that is unrelated to work. This would be time well invested in helping me just really tap into the full potential of my creativity. I have some friends that are suggesting YOGA… not sure but I might try that.

Preparing my own food daily (This is probably the BIGGEST change I can make)

Let’s face it, I live in a world of lunch and dinner meetings that are a critical part of my business, but maybe shifting this to having coffee / tea chats instead will go a long way in helping me eat what I really like and what is good for me, especially as I continue my love / hate relationship with Diabetes. I also think I need to strategize those restaurant meetings and know what I am going to do to stay on track. A bonus to this is I am sure this will save me a considerable amount of money too.

Increasing my physical activity… I am good, but I can do better.

I have already started parking on the other side of the park so that I can a nice walk before starting my day. The truth is I have a underutilized membership to Planet Fitness. I have started taking stairs instead of elevators / escalators. I even experimented with a vigorous calisthenic routine when I am working from home (using the iPhone timer) where every half hour I do a 6 minute burst of exercise. The truth is I need something a little more intense… I am thinking Salsa / Bachata lessons. I will have to revisit this when I find out where I will be living.

Last but not least… days off a real vacation.

How I spend my days off can really help me be more balanced and I would like to focus on activities that would allow me to incorporate a little bit of everything I am talking about. On August 15th… I will be focusing on others (while helping myself). That is the day that we will host the Feria de Salud in the Bronx. I do commit that once I am settled in my new place… I will increase my focus on travel but travel that promotes an active lifestyle.


My next trip is Philly… stay tuned!





I am Learning How To Slow Down…