Published On: Sun, Aug 2nd, 2009

How do Latinos in LA stay connected to their culture?

Ask LatinoLA!

Although the traffic on my site is heavy in the east coast…I get some serious readership in the west, especially this past year. I have some great people that email me all the time from Cali, Nevada and Washington letting me know there is Latino life on the west side.

The other day, I was reading a debate on Facebook about California not having a strong Latino presence (in reference to Latino gatherings and cultural festivals, not population)…I disagreed and provided a link of this chevere website that has been around for quite some time.

I know the LATINO LA founder's Abelardo de la Peña, Jr. & Richard Koffler would agree that Latino life in California is thriving…do not take my word, see for yourself.

Buen Provecho!!!!

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How do Latinos in LA stay connected to their culture?