Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

HispanicizeLA: Getting To Know Microsoft In A Different Way


So last week, I traveled to Los Angeles to be part of Hispanicize LA, a one day Hispanic Heritage Month event focused on the industries of diversity tech, content creators and entertainment. Now if you know Hispanicize, you already know that their events are jampacked with cool offsite events that are geared to create relationships between brands and digital creators. If you did not know this, we should really chat about your plans for next April (email me, seriously).

During my day, in between kick ass panels, brand speed dating and workshops I had the opportunity to join some of my friends at a lunch sponsored by Microsoft. I am a techie… so I am always curious about what is next in their holiday lineup. I though that the goal was to introduce us to new product and recruit ambassadors. I was wrong… and I am glad I was.

Instead they introduced us to Ariela Suster by way of an initiative called Microsft Edge Web Showcase,  an initiative dedicated to partnering with organizations around the world to highlight extraordinary and exciting new ventures. This program explores opportunities to contribute to a diverse set of literacy programs and to develop partnerships to showcase web technology.

Ariela is an entrepreneur deeply committed to social impact, here is her story about how her company Sequence Collection does just that.

The Sequence Story begins in El Salvador, the second most dangerous country in the world— where founder and creative director Ariela Suster was born and raised.

Growing up during El Salvador’s Civil War, Ariela and her family experienced violence firsthand and it rocked Ariela to her core, but also lit in her a desire to change it. She felt determined to one day influence the sequence of events that keep her country— and its people—in violence.

After being introduced to two local artisans, Oscar Bautista and Natali Orellana, Ariela started growing a team of passionate and talented artists that share a vision: that the sequence of events that lead to violence can be disrupted.

Source: Sequence Collection

Here is a video highlight how they create said impact.

Visit her site here and support this cause if it is one that touches you the way it did me.

And… of course. Microsoft did treat us to a quick walkthrough of their store to highlight the tech I was craving. Here is a quick clip that was originally published on Instagram Live in real time. I could not end this post without showing you a glimpse.

Thank you Hispanicize LA for continuing to create unique experiences for digital creators like me to connect with brands invested in the Latino tech / social good space. See you in Miami!


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HispanicizeLA: Getting To Know Microsoft In A Different Way