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Hispanicize Tip #2 – Don’t Lose Power During The Conference

batt(Literally and Figuratively)…

For many of you reading this, your power lies in your ability to connect socially to a number of networks to make the most out your Hispanicize trip. One of the challenges at any conference is keeping all of our devices charged. Now I will say that last year, I personally thank the JW Marriott Marquis as they did everything possible to keep us up and running which is not an easy task when you have over 1,000 people running around looking for a place to power up after lunch. Despite their efforts, when it came to traveling outside of the Hotel (Chevy Landmark Tour, Scarface Party, McDonald’s Yacht Party) many needed something extra, something portable to keep our social juices flowing. There is nothing worse than a dead smartphone when you have stuff you want to share, trust me I know.

That being said, I always like to be prepared. I often travel to conferences with a Macbook Air, a Samsung Galaxy S3, a Samsung Tablet and a Blackberry (yes, folks…it is that serious) so I have collected a series of different portable battery chargers for each of my devices over the years. So today’s tip is actually a series of tips on how to shop for and buy the best battery pack for your devices.

– First things first, how much power do you need?

Look at the specifications of the devices you own, and see what you need to give that device a full charge. The storage capacity of any battery is expressed in Amp hours (Ah) or milliAmp hours (mAh).  For example, if I look at my Blackberry Bold’s battery, I see that it is a 1230 mAh so I need to shop for a charger that will be at least a 1230. The normal range for these chargers are about 700 mAh ($15 and up) all the way to multi unit chargers that put out 16,000 mAh ($100-$150)

– Consider the size / price of the physical charger.

At Radio Shack, for example, they have a large selection of devices. The normal range for these chargers are about 700 mAh ($15 and up) all the way to multi unit chargers that put out 16,000 mAh ($100-$150). Now as you can imagine, the more output you get the more likely the size of the charger will also increase. Find what is comfortable for you based on what you consider to be portable. Personally, I like them to be very compact… I am already carrying 4 devices.

– Different devices with different adapters? There is a solution for that.

Some of us have  devices that require different types of connections to charge our device (mini usb, micro usb and the special Iphone/Ipad adapters). If you are trying to get one charger to fit all of your needs, make sure it has all the adapters you need for your collection of tech toys.

– It is such a small detail but… get a charger that has an indicator.

I once bough a no name cheap battery pack in Chinatown in a clutch and I gravitated toward the cheaper one to save $10 bucks only to find out that there was no way to know if the charger was charged before I used it for the first time which resulted in me not having enough juice to get through a major event I was attending. #NoEsBueno

– Last but not least… find other ways to be efficient with your devices.

Visit your respective app store and look at some of the energy saving apps that may help you manage and maximize power in your devices when you are on the go. I am partial to Juice Defender Pro (there is also free version) and Battery Doctor (Free). Whatever app you decide to go with, make sure you read the feedback from actual customers who downloaded and test drive it before your trip.  Read this C|Net article for additional tips – Smartphone survival guide: How to stretch your battery life

Before I go…

One quick note, I mentioned Radio Shack in this post because I am a die hard RS Fan since I bought my first SONY Walkman some time in the ’80’s and my first mobile phone in 1989. The reason they came to mind is because the “red shirts” were available to help Hispanicize conference attendees during last year’s conference. From what I found out (too late unfortunately for me) that they actually gave away some cool ZAGG portable chargers to some of my fellow bloggers which is a very cool thing to do.

I say all that to say, I have not been compensated in any way for this post… I just really like them… so shop there for your battery charger now!

Mi Gente… is there a portable charger you recommend? let us know in the comments below…

Gracias… see you in Miami at Hispanicize 2013

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Hispanicize Tip #2 – Don’t Lose Power During The Conference