Published On: Tue, May 27th, 2008

Memorial Day: A Latino Perspective

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(original post is via / La Prensa in San Diego)

Memorial Day is almost upon us and on Monday, May 26, our nation will celebrate and pay tribute in honor of our fallen men and women warriors. This day of honor has been around since the American Civil War and over the years has gained importance and significance to generations of families whose sons and daughters made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. While questions remain over the wisdom of engaging in particular wars, there is no question over the patriotism, participation and ultimate commitment exhibited by the U.S. Latino and Latina warrior community.

This has been most evident when we see that over 500,000 Latinos fought and were involved in World War II and thousands more in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The Latino combined death toll in these three wars alone was in the thousands and represented warriors from all communities including Puerto Rico. More recent, the final number of Latinos and Latinas sacrificing their lives due to our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq is unknown at this time, but given the instability of these countries and others in the world, many will continue to perish. “*

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Memorial Day: A Latino Perspective