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UPDATE: You Helped This Latina’s Dream Come True & Now Our Kids will Learn Our Culture.

Yes… just before Midnight, an additional 7 investors stepped up and now this project is fully funded. You have a few hours to add to the pot, and preorder your MamaYala World Culture cards today!

Flash cards, memory cards, cultural illustrations… does not sound like much of a dream, but what if you can help preserve our culture by giving the gift of MamaYala flash cards to a young person you know. If that person learns about the beauty of our heritage then Sara Ponce’s dream will have been realized.

Sara Ponce, creator of  MamaYala™ World Cultures has launched a Kick Starter campaign (that was featured at and is only 70% funded with about 31 hours to go… you need to act fast, do not only pre order your cards, but please spread the word by posting, tweeting and pinning this blog post right after you watch this video.

MamaYala™ World Cultures presents the cultures of the world project. Our beautiful and colorful card sets include illustrations of artifacts, foods, flora, fauna, and instruments. The first card series is based on the Latin American and Spanish cultures.

Check out their Kickstarter video here… and visit to chip in and make this beautiful dream a reality



Our beautiful and colorful card sets include illustrations of artifacts, foods, flora, fauna, and instruments. I have made a prototype of the cards sets to show you what the cards would look like when they are printed.

There are several rewards for your pledges and support of the MamaYala™ World Cultures Project. When the Kickstarter campaign is funded by people like you, I will be able to bring you a set of flash cards, a memory game, a pdf coloring book, a poster, postcards and stickers, all with the beautiful original illustrations by Sara Ponce.

With your help MamaYala™ will be able to bring you cultural educational cards for children about the Latin American and Spanish cultures.

This project will only be possible with your pledge to pre-order the cards or with your contribution. Thank you for supporting the MamaYala World Cultures Project.

Goodies for Kickstarter campaign!

  • Limited edition archival poster with cultural illustrations
  • Postcards with selected cultural illustrations
  • Stickers with all the cultural illustrations in the card sets

This is how the funds will be used:

Design work: I have already done the illustrations for the project and may need some minor adjustments. The design for the packaging will be done once the campaign is funded. I will be doing all the design work. There will be no extra costs.

Printing: The bulk of the money, about 75%, will go towards printing costs.

Project Fees: Kickstarter and Amazon charge an administration fee.

Shipping: All shipping costs for deliveries in the United States and Puerto Rico will be paid with the funds collected.

With your pre-order we will get the funding needed to make this project a reality! Thanks!

Follow the steps below to join us in this effort:

  • Go to the green box on the top right, click on the “Back This Project” box, enter your pledge* amount and select a reward. From there, you go through the Amazon checkout process, and you are done.
  • Share the link with as many people as you can. If possible, personally contact 10 of them,  and get them involved.
  • Send a link of our KICKSTARTER PROJECT to any editors or bloggers you think would be interested in helping us.

In other words, we MUST raise our goal of $5,000 within 30 days, or no charges are applied to your account.

*If you have any questions regarding how to pledge, please click here.

When this project is successfully funded, your card will be charged the amount you pledged when the project reaches its deadline (September 26th). If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card will not be charged. That’s why they are called pledges (a promise to contribute) not donations.


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UPDATE: You Helped This Latina’s Dream Come True & Now Our Kids will Learn Our Culture.