Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2011

Hola Alabama: The First Stop On My Virtual Latino Roadtrip

AlaAs I mentioned yesterday in my blog post Urban Jibaro Is Leaving NYC… I am taking a virtual tour to explore Latino culture across the United States.

Alabama is my first stop… honestly I was not sure what I was going to find, but to my surprise the first thing that jumps out at me (via Google) is that Alabama, which has a growing Latino community has the 2nd highest Hispanic population growth in the United States.

There does not seem to be a whole lot online but I am sure that is because most of what really happen in Alabama is happening on a grassroots level. I did manage to find some great organizations that really appear to be taking the charge in different areas of the latino diaspora. Big shout out to my Brothers of Phi Iota Alpha who I know are doing it big in the college circuit…out in Alabama.

Here are the movers and shakers that I was able to find…

Tesoro On The Web: Fiesta

Unsung Souls: Hispanic Interest Coalition Of Alabama (HICA)

Sofrito 4 Kids: Latino Literature Conference

A really cool resource I happened across was Hola Latino! I really liked Hola Latino because it is a website catering the bilingual media, events and business.

Here is a little about them in their own words.

HOLA Latino was created to serve as a connection between companies and the Spanish speaking community. The company uses Spanish Radio, TV, and Print to place client´s messages among this growing population.

HOLA Latino designs, produces and promotes events with multicultural content, providing an important venue to outreach efforts. It is also engaged in different business opportunities to develop commercial relationships between new immigrants and local industries.

FAQ about marketing to Hispanics/Latino Communities

UPDATE: Facts about Hispanic/Latino Marketing 10/10



Here is a exerpt of a market analysis summary by Hola Latino regarding Alabama;s Hispanic population…

In Alabama, there are three groups of Hispanic/Latinos: a) Families, that arrived to Alabama in the last 25 years. This is the largest group (near 70%). Within this group, there is a large young population (15-25 years). b) Mobile community, formed primarily by service workers that arrive to the state and leave at any time in search of more job opportunities. This group is around 20% of the total Hispanic/Latino population. c) Latin Americans, with people from different countries in Central and South America. They are professionals, technicians, and also laborers. This group comprises up to 10% of the total population.


Do you Know a Latino resource in Alabama we should be talking about? Let us know in the comments section.


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Hola Alabama: The First Stop On My Virtual Latino Roadtrip