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HD Music Videos On Demand – Music Choice Gets Their SWRV on!

Music ChoiceEver channel surf into all the way to the very end of your cable systems channel listing… I have. When I did a few years back, I discovered Music Choice, a series of channels that allowed me to use my surround sound TV set up as a full entertainment system when friends come over. I sleep with my TV on…and sometimes I actually turn on some nice jazz and jest let the music take me away to la la land.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Music Choice NY Headquarters with a friend and got a full tour of their offerings and I was blown away. I was a big fan of Video Music Box  and then later The Box back in the days but what they have done with that concept is incredible. So after the visit… I decided to join the website which I thought was cool because it offers video, interviews and online streaming of some of my favorite genres (and especially a great selection of diverse Latino genres). So I decided to stop using my Spotify for a few days and see how I liked it. The music selection was impressive, had me pulling out my smartphone to make an Evernote list of songs I would like to add to my Spotify playlist. My favorite three stations so far are MC Tropicales, MC Romanticas and MC Hip Hop Classics.

Just a few days later I went in to the site to see the Blurred Lines video (since everyone is raving about it) and the whole Music Choice website had changed, graphically rich and engaging. It looked like it would be extremly tablet friendly…almost that simple easy navigation you get with an Android or IOS app.  It made me want to go on there and listen to music and watch videos again, something I have not really done in years. The videos are in HD Quality and have close captioning for those moments you really want to learn the lyrics to your favorite song (great for a impromptu Karaoke night at home?)

Now I am a Optimum customer and I do not have access to SWRV the first 24/7 interactive music network that YOU control… but for those of you that have access, I suggest you checking it out. It is a completely interactive music experience and has community voting showdowns between all of your favorite videos. Ahhh I might switch to FIOS just to get this feature.

Check out the new re-designed Music Choice and discover music in a whole new way.


Here is my favorite part… Music Choice is far from being socially awkward so get social with Music Choice! Follow them on all your favorite social networks to enter sweepstakes, keep up to date on music news, and obtain exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite artists.

They also have great promotions and sneak peaks… visit their social hub now to connect with them


music_choice_usAbout Music Choice

Music Choice, the multi-platform video and music network, delivers its music programming to millions of consumers nationwide through their televisions, online and mobile devices. MC programs dozens of uninterrupted music channels; produces MC Originals that feature today’s hottest established and emerging artists; and offers thousands of music videos. MC is a partnership among subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation, Motorola, Inc., Sony Corporation of America, EMI Music and several leading U.S. cable providers: Comcast Cable Communications, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable.


Disclaimer: This is just a post about a company I think is cool with a product I am starting to love. I did not receive anything for writing this but I am open to Music Choice changing that. They can start by getting me SWRV on my cable network.

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HD Music Videos On Demand – Music Choice Gets Their SWRV on!