Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2010

Hawaii Prints + Guayabera = Hawaiiabera


I know, I know, I said the same thing. They cannot play with a classic…but they have and apparently, done it well…so I present to you the Hawaiiabera aka The Guayabera Reinvented.

Can you picture your favorite Jibaro rocking one of these things? I think I can pull it off…

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro


Here is a little bit from their website…
You may be asking what in the world is a Hawaiiabera™? Great question. The Original Hawaiiabera™ was concepted out of my love for Traditional Mexican Guayaberas and the wonderful textiles of the South Pacific. Every time I wore a traditional Hawaiian shirt I missed the convenience of having more than one pocket and stylin' pleats and when I wore a Guayabera on my back I was always wanting it to be more than the traditional whites, baby blues and yellows that are offered on the market. I decided that the traditional Hawaiian print could benefit from the creative sewing of a Guayabera and married the two cultural icons into one fantastic shirt! Now I have the comfort and convenience of a Guayabera with the wonderful and very colorful fabrics of the South Pacific. And now you can enjoy these shirts as much as I do.

Join the Hawaiiabera® revolution today and button one of these incredibly unique shirts on your back. Not only are they seriously comfortable, they are incredibly colorful, unique and functional. Your new Hawaiiabera™ will be a sure hit at your next party or around the office. Each individual Hawaiiabera is constructed of 100% lightweight cotton to ensure a lasting and comfortable fit for many years to come. We're new on the market so if your local men's store doesn't quite carry us yet, please make sure to send them to our website. We'll be happy to send some.

My question is…

What do you think? Is it something you would wear?

Answer in the comments section….

Hawaii Prints + Guayabera = Hawaiiabera