Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2010

A nuestros hermanos en Haiti…estamos contigo / we are with you!


Pic_4088  As you may already know, yesterday a massive earthquake devastated the country of Haiti. At this time, news is breaking all over the web as rescue and crisis teams from all over the world rush to assist them in their time of need. 

I have a very personal connection to the people of Haiti because my two oldest children Elizabeth and Ricsan are of mixed Puerto Rican / Haitian heritage. In addition I have many friends that share similar connections and sadly even some people who already know that they have lost members of their family during this tragedy.

Aside from asking you to please keep them in your prayers regardless of who you pray to, I also ask that you contribute to the following two organizations that have mobilized to take action for the people of Haiti during this time of need. 

Here are some ways you can help for less than you will spend on lunch…

The State Department released late last night a text to donate program headed up by the Red Cross where you can text HAITI to 90999 and your  $10 dollar donation will be billed to your mobile phone bill. (there is a $30 dollar limit per month)

A similar program headed up by Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean is set up on a charitable organization that coordinates educational programs and emergency relief efforts. Yele’s text to donate program allows you to contribute $5 by texting YELE to 501501.

I know we have some readers in Canada, you can also donate $5 by texting HAITI to 45678 through a system set up by the Mobile Giving Foundation.

We text all the time…make this a text that counts.

I spent some of the day helping some people who are not exactly social media savvy set up twitter accounts so that they can monitor the news on their mobile devices. Understanding that the news you will get in twitter is in real time…I will continue to offer that service at no charge, you can call us at 516-690-7397 so that we can help walk you thru how to set up a feed or a twitter client on your mobile device.

I have also included this feed below that will be updated in real time with all news related to Haiti and the relief efforts currently underway. I have already spoken to some of my peers in the arts and entertainment communities who have all begun to mobilize to let our hermanos in Haiti know that our thoughts, prayers and generosity is with them.

As I am…In Unity.

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

A nuestros hermanos en Haiti…estamos contigo / we are with you!