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A Guayabera In Every Closet…

Disclaimer: The following is part of a sponsored campaign with Sofrito Media Group & Guayabera Culture. If you know me… you know that there is nothing I rather wear… that said, all opinions expressed and Guayaberas worn are truly representative of my #JibaroStyle ((Punto))

Guayabera Culture

Coming to Hispanicize is a very big deal for me every year. Not only is it an amazing place to share, learn and make new friends but it has become THE red carpet event for the Latino Socialsphere (yes I just made that up). With that it mind… in my third year attending / organizing it was really important for me to show up with style to this year’s conference. To do that, I had to pick a “stylist” that really understood me… my brand and the Miami backdrop of the Hispanicize event. Today I am proud to announce that I am representing #GuayaberaCulture at these year’s conference.

For the uninitiated a Guayabera – [gwahy-uhberuhSpanish gwah-yah-be-rah] is a men’s shirt popular in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Central America, South America), Southeast Asia, and throughout Africa.

Guayabera Culture was born from the love of a humble shirt – the Guayabera. Nothing looks like one, nothing fits like one, because nothing else is, a Guayabera. Always in style by being simultaneously modern and vintage, this shirt celebrates love, life, tradition, and culture.

My wardrobe selection for the casual events at Hispanicize have been handpicked by Adrian and Daphne, owners of Guayabera Culture.


Nostalgia, memories, smiles.


Four simple pockets that go way back in time, if you grew up around men who wore Guayaberas, you will definitely understand.

Folklore states about 300 years ago a Guava Farmer (guayabero) in the Sancti Espiritus province of Cuba, asked his wife to sew utility pockets onto his work shirt so he had a place to carry his cigars, handkerchief, and other little instruments he used throughout his day. The shirt caught on with other local guayaberos for its practicality; they even used the lower pockets to carry guavas (guayabas). Little did they know a style of shirt would be christened – The Guayabera.

Cuba claims its invention, Mexico claims its invention, as do the Philippines. Regardless of origin, the guayabera is the quintessential symbol of Latin America. We will let the nations battle over bragging rights and simply enjoy wearing the Guayabera.

Guayabera Culture is a local small business owned by a couple based in Orlando Florida whose entreprenurial dreams were based on a firm cultural belief that there should be a Guayabera in every closet…and on that note…

We are giving away a gift certificate daily so that you can cultivate your style at Guayabera Culture. All YOU  have to do is sign up for their mailing list today. If you just have to get your Guayabera NOW use the HISPZ14 code to get 20% off TODAY (offer ends Friday) —> VISIT GUAYABERA CULTURE NOW! about us

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A Guayabera In Every Closet…