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Four Reasons Why My Staff Took My ZTE Grand X Max+ & Won’t Give It Back

DZTW4015-Screensize_120dpiDisclaimer: I have worked with Cricket Wireless in the past but this post is not part of a paid campaign. I did receive the ZTE Grand XMax+ to review. All opinions are my own 🙂

When it comes to conferences, my staff works hard. They juggle phone calls, text messages and emails and always need to be ready to grab a device to record or create content. At Hispanicize, my friends at Cricket Wireless gave me an opportunity to try the ZTE X Max+ while I was attending the conference. Anyone who knows me knows I am a power user when it comes to smartphones… so having a second device really helped me out in staying engaged while managing the Hispanicize social channels and the #Hispz15 App.

I used it and although I thought it would be too big for my taste, I realized that it was really a perfect solution for days I do not feel like carrying my tablet. Anyways… my staff at some point got a hold of it and it was over, it was the last time I held the device in my hand.

Here are the five reasons they will not give it back (and actually, I am ok with it).

1 – SIZE – The easy to view 6 inch HD screen is a big draw. This device is considered a Phablet (not quite a phone and not quite a tablet) but it is the perfect excuse to leave your tablet at home while on assignment. I notice during my use, that it fared better as far as visibility than the current phone I use when using it outside under the Miami sun.

2 – SPEED – You can go to a million review sites and read all kinds of technical reviews about  processing power and the differences between networks. The Grand X Max+ has a Quad-core processer and is powered by Cricket’s 4GLTE network and I can only tell you that it was able to handle Hootsuite, Instagram, Facebook and a big suite of branding apps that we use to edit photos and videos on the fly and never flinched. Very impressive considering it’s low price point of $219.99 with activation.

3 – THE CAMERA -This should have really been #1… The camera is at the core of all the content we create. If the pictures do not look good, our clients will not be happy… if my clients are not happy… then I am not happy… If I am not happy (you get the picture… it all comes down to them, and they were pleased with the quality that the Grand X Max+’s 13 Mega Pixel Camera had to offer especially with the HD Video feature.

4 – IT’S GOOD FOR MORE THAN WORK – I cannot even tell you how many times I saw them with the phone in their hand and told them to take a break… only to find out they were on break and watching Netflix or reading on the Kindle app. The battery life seemed to support a full range of different activities and from what they told me, the phone had a feature,Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 1.0 that allows it to charge faster minimizing the down time.

BONUS —> As I spent some time at the Cricket booth and talking to the product specialists, what startled me most was the pricing… it is priced at only $219.99 w/ activation. If I was playing “The Price is Right”, I would have totally lost. The value here is the fact that you have “TECH” that does it all at a fraction of what other brands are charging. The Grand X Max+ has officially become company property as a result… and as we grow as a company, I think that it is possible that we will see this (or future models) become a core tool for creating content on social media… this is what it is built for.

If you want to see the full line up of affordable Cricket Wireless Phones (and Plans)…

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My staff created a short video with some of the clips and photos from my Los Angeles trip with FIAT using the HD Video Features with a cool app called Magisto. All of this was shot, edited and uploaded from the Grand X Max+.



Sooooo… Our boss let us get ahold of the ZTE Grand X Max+ that he received in Miami at Hispanicize. And we started…

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Special thanks to my friends at Boden PR  for making this happen 😉

Four Reasons Why My Staff Took My ZTE Grand X Max+ & Won’t Give It Back