Published On: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017

Ford Focuses On Sustainability… And Has Receipts.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Dime Media and Ford to attend Hispanicize LA to learn more about their sustainability strategy. All opinions are my own.

You do not know what you do not know… but you do not know that you don’t know it.

Ford wants you to know.

So they came to Hispanicize LA to connect with influencers and Content creators to tell a story you do not see often in our news cycle. During that time they provided information about the strategies Ford is implementing to be responsible when it comes to climate change. This conversation has garnered a lot of attention recent abnormal weather patterns that have dominated headlines and have impacted millions.


Just reflecting on how amazing #HispanicizeLA was on so many different fronts. Congrats to the whole @hispanicizeevent and @dimemedia teams in such a flawless experience. I had the opportunity to really connect with creators and brands that align with most of my 2018 roadmap. I also got to really have real conversations regarding scalability and financial prosperity. Thank you to my sponsors @prudential and @bestwestern for making it happen! A special thanks to @ford for a lesson in sustainability and for me to add a little personal time on this trip to recharge before heading back to NYC. P.S. the Fusion Hybrid’s MPG is insane… I only spent $8 in gas in three days. #prupárate #HispzLA #FordLatino #viajaconbw #HispanizeRewind

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When it comes to environmental and sustainability topics, I will admit that I probably have not thought much about it in my years. Having the incredibly diverse group of friends I have… I started paying attention to my friends who have become more conscious over the years in every way and I have been making small changes that I feel that will make a difference for my children’s children.

So at Hispanicize LA, I got to hang out with the folks at Ford Motors. My time with them was spent getting insight on how they have shown up in national conversations and more importantly how they are showing up in their actionable when it comes to sustainability.

When it comes to personal sustainability… I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Focus hybrid

Here is some info from the intro to the sustainability report they just released.

Creating Tomorrow Today

Our pledge to do our part remains the same: we are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations and products, today and in the future.

Ford’s lineup today brings customers great choices in affordable fuel economy and quality. From our fuel-saving EcoBoost® technology (so far in more than 8 million engines worldwide) to advanced powertrains and lightweight materials, we continue to focus on improving fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

At the same time, Ford’s investment in breakthrough technologies and future mobility solutions – including electrification, connectivity and autonomy – will help transform how people move and are at the heart of our response to the climate change challenge.

Here are their big three priorities…

(you can see the full report here)



Connectivity and Autonomy

See how we’re helping meet the collective challenge of climate change:



Ford Focuses On Sustainability… And Has Receipts.