Published On: Sun, Jul 13th, 2014

Follow PapiBlogger On His Latest Adventure….

Next stop… Utah and Colorado.


As announced 2 days ago on, Manny Ruiz aka PapiBlogger has hit the road once again in his annual Summer Road Trip series with his wife Angela, four kids. Over the next 9 days they will embark on a majestic 1,400-mile All-American road trip in a 2014 Toyota Highlander through Utah and Colorado, July 11-21 that’s sponsored by State Farm, Best Western and Toyota.

During this year’s family trip – like others past – history, geography, science and even photography will be in session for Manny & Angela’s kids Jonathan (14), Elena (10), Briani (5) and Naomi (2). The lessons of traveling – and enduring – together as a family are part of why the road trips have become one of the most important traditions the Ruiz family works hard to repeat every summer. 

If seeing a crazy and cool family is not enough for you to follow and learn great travel tips from the Ruiz family… State Farm is going to be part of several cool giveaways that they will be conducting throughout the trip, including two $150 gift cards and several roadside emergency kits.

Are you in?

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Disclaimer – I am NOT part of any paid campaign of State Farm… I just think that this is an incredibly cool way to hang out with your family and raise awareness about travel related topics. However, I do have an ambassador relationship with Toyota’s #VayamosJuntos campaign which is unrelated to this post.


Follow PapiBlogger On His Latest Adventure….