Published On: Thu, Dec 16th, 2010

First Miley Cyrus… Now John Leguizamo… When Will Celebrities Learn?

John_leguizamo_02Que lio!!! … So ever so often you see the sensational stories of celebrities getting caught doing things that they really shouldn't be doing. At the end of the day it really just makes them normal people but the public loves it… they sensationalize it and sometimes it can be very embarrassing.

This week's "celebrity scandal bonchinche" story that has been whispered in some of the industry events is that John Leguizamo may have joined the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Jenni Rivera with some embarrassing video that has leaked to the web. Now we do not know what it is… but we do know that UrbanoTV is planning to release at least some of the footage this Friday… Are we about to foind out just how much of a FREAK… John Leguizamo really is? Do we need to?

Here is the link to Urbano TV's twitter account and to their website…follow them to get the latest info!

This is a family site and since we really do not know what to expect….I may not be able to post here but better believe we will be checking that site of Friday!!!

I just hope it is not a sex tape…

If you hear anything let us know at or at @dailysofrito on twitter

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Juan Doe aka the Latin Katalyst

yes I am back y aver si el Jibaro no me bota otra vez….

First Miley Cyrus… Now John Leguizamo… When Will Celebrities Learn?