Published On: Sun, Feb 1st, 2015

Fatherhood = Real Strength… Thanks For The Reminder Dove!

I am not a big fan of the big game but usually spend time with people I care about watching the big game… but when they get up to get their beers or take a bio break… I am the guy that pays attention to the commercials more than anything else. I am usually drawn to the car commercials more than anything else but this year I found myself in a different place thanks to Dove.

Dove’s ‘Daddy’ Super Bowl Commercial 2015 – Real Strength    2015 Super Bowl Commercials   Just Jared

The Dove commercial featured during the Super Bowl highlighted kids and their fathers sharing special moments in life. Titled “Real Strength,” the commercial caption reads, “90% of men around the world say that their caring side is part of their masculinity and strength. Let’s acknowledge the caring side of men and celebrate their #RealStrength as a true sign of masculinity.”

You see, all of my kids are grown… out of the house and beginning to make their way into adulthood. They all have very full lives and I do not get to talk to them and see them as much as I would like. Then the Dove commercial comes on and takes me on a mental stroll thru memory lane and seriously  tugging at my heart strings.

As a dad, I am not sure if I have always been the best father… I know that I tried to, but I also know that I spent a lot of time working and missed more moments than I would have liked. I did not grow up with my dad, so I did not really have an example of what a dad was supposed to be like. I do know that it took a lot for me to do whatever it is I did… fatherhood was not always easy but it was always the only option for me.

I know that now that my kids are older and doing things on their own, we still have a few pivotal moments to share. I am looking forward to that… but deep down inside, I kind of wish they were little again… I miss that so much. I hope that my sons would build on whatever they feel I did and do it better.

There is not much of a point to this blog post but I guess to thank Dove for helping me (and other dads remember how much #realstrength it takes to be a dad who cares. Watch the commercial here!

In addition… one of my all time favorite brands, Toyota also nailed it with their campaign highlighting fatherhood as well…That being a dad is a choice. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices someday.the #OneBoldChoice spot can be seen here.

I think that it’s about time that fathers are getting some love in these commercials…

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post, I am a Dove customer that just really loves the compainies culture of highlighting real people and real moments in life.


Let me know how your DAD showed #RealStrength in the comments section below…


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Fatherhood = Real Strength… Thanks For The Reminder Dove!