Published On: Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

Evelyn Alvarez and Family #CaptureTheMoment with Omar Lopez Photography Studio

The following is a testimonial of Omar Lopez Photo Studios who we partnered with for their 10th anniversary giveaway. This customer was not compensated for this review, however she was the winner of the giveaway of a family photo shoot.


My sister and I are extremely grateful to Omar Lopez of Omar Lopez photo and his staff for their efforts in the #CapturetheMoment photo shoot.
My family has never had a family portrait, and my mami has late stage Alzheimer’s, so it was something we thought to do, so being invited to participate in the #capturethemoment event was great.

Capture The Moment – 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot – Omar Lopez Photography Studios from Omar Lopez on Vimeo.

Omar and his staff were everything we could have asked for. It can be challenging traveling and working with someone witg Alzheimer’s, so their patience, understanding and warmth made us so happy. My sister teared up whike my mama was having her picture taken, amd I admit, my eyes started sweating too.
The giveaways, massage, financial planning appointment (I did speak to the planner after the session, he seems fabulous, so far. Who knew all this about life insurance? ), and all around efficiency was amazing.
We are super grateful and honored to have been able to have Omar Lopez’ Photography Studio capture our moment.
omarlopezfoto 15 1024x681 Boricua Goddess and Family #CaptureTheMoment with Omar Lopez Photography Studio

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Evelyn Alvarez and Family #CaptureTheMoment with Omar Lopez Photography Studio