Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2011

Dreams Do Come True…

EH-slogan-closeup-299x300 There is a special place I like to visit everytime I visit El Barrio. I meet with clients there, I have hosted events there,  I have gone there like many do to get FREE wi-fi, I have gone to simply admire Manny Vega's artwork that makes this my special little place. It is sometimes ironic that I would ven go there since I am not a coffee drinker… but the ambiance of the East Harlem Cafe has lured me in… and the sandwiches are pretty good too.

Everytime I am there I meet community leaders, poets, painters, sculptors, writers… I remember telling my friend multicultural diversity speaker Bobby Gonzalez that it is a cultural cornicopia that nourishes that part of me that is driven to connect with other people. When I am there… I do not need to tweet…or update my status… it is a social network of its own… a human one that has started with a young woman's dream.

Te presento a Michelle Cruz, the owner of the East Harlem Cafe.

Listen to her story… in her own words. (see video below)






East Harlem Café is located at 1651 Lexington Avenue (East 104th Street),

in El Barrio, Manhattan. Subway: #6 to 103rd Street.

Follow Them On Twitter @EastHarlemCafe


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Dreams Do Come True…