Published On: Tue, Jun 8th, 2010

Do You Like Sofrito?

Facebook like  Now I do not mean Mami's fresh Sofrito…that popular aromatic puree of peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and garlic that serves as a base ingredient for many tasty Latino dishes.

I mean my brand of Sofrito…the cultural mezcla of art, fashion, music, dance, traditions,and emerging trends. 

We have grown so much over the last 13 years, what was once just a simple Geocities website has grown into multimedia experience that includes blog posts, recipe sharing, videos, live cultural events, community initiatives and a live radio show on Urban Latino Radio called The Capicu Show.

It has taken a long time…and a lot of support from you. As social networking has become more important to you, we have adapted and have delivered our brand of Sofrito to you daily thru websites like Facebook and Twitter.



The only question we have is "Do you like us?"

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