Published On: Sun, Mar 1st, 2009

Do Latinos do Brunch?

Good morning…

I always wondered if Latinos in different countries traditionally or culturally have anything equivalent to "Brunch"?

Now brunch is defined on Wikipedia as;

Brunch or bruncheon is a combination of breakfast and lunch. [1] The term is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch(eon). Brunch is often served after a morning event or prior to an afternoon one, such as a wedding or sporting event. A common misconception is that after midday, the meal is a luncheon. This however is not true so long as a breakfast has not been eaten. While common in the United States, according to Punch magazine, the term was introduced in Britain around 1896 by Hunter's Weekly, then becoming student slang.[2]

Now…in my family we had a variation of brunch that happened for a few different reasons…either we partied really hard the night before and woke up at 1pm to eat breakfast or we had brunch because money was tight and eggs are cheap. Was Brunch just my families way of saving money???

Am I alone here? Let me know…

Hit us up in the comments section and let us know if you do the brunch thing…and why? is it cultural? What do you eat?

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Do Latinos do Brunch?