Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2020

Day 9 of my #21DayJournal

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With all the bad news circulating on the web and network tv, I have found peace in reading positive stories about people making a difference. Today I want to share a story sent to me by a local pediatrician whose intital contact with me was simply “How can I help?” and during the convo I found out that her brother Michael is an unsung soul that can use some support. Today… I cede my journal entry to motivate you to support him

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Here is the email that La Doctora sent me…

Hello, My name is Dr. Divina Lopez and I wanted to share some good news with you in this uncertain time.  It is a story about my little brother Father Michael Lopez. 

You see as his big sister I am surely proud of all this great work.  His love for humanity began at a very young age… I can remember going to a McDonalds on Metropolitan Ave in Ridgewood Queens when he was merely 4 years and I was about 9, and as we waited on line to order, my brother got very upset about a much older, frail-looking senior. 

As we all waited the older gentleman seemed to have had not an ounce more of energy and left scurrying to the door mumbling some words that weren’t very audible. Michael watched as the man left and hurriedly turned to our parents with tears in his eyes saying that the old man left and didn’t get any food.  He wanted to get food for the man and wanted to stop him from leaving so that he could get him some food. 

By the time anyone clearly noticed what had happened the gentleman was gone completely out of sight and poor Michael as much as he loves his McDonalds wouldn’t have a bite to eat as he was so bothered by the gentleman not getting his food. 

In school he would get in trouble for always helping out who ever he could help in any way…translating for the kids who mainly spoke Spanish, giving his money to kids to buy themselves a book on Book Sale days, helping the kids with scraped knees who fell down outside at recess get a bandage.  He has always been a Humanitarian.  He always did whatever it took to make sure those less fortunate than himself had things they needed.  I always admired him for that.

His love for helping out has strengthened through the years so much so that after attending St. John’s University where he studied Theology he later became more and more religiously involved with so many people that he finally found his calling and became a Priest of the New American Catholic Church.

In 2014 he began his congregation at All Saints United  American Church in Ridgewood Queens.  From that point on he made it his business to feed and clothe who ever needed it the most while also working a full time job to be able to support his family.

Later he founded Hungry Monk Rescue Truck and started feeding the homeless, but he made sure to go wherever they were.  He later branched out to do Community Outreach.  The organization was feeding about 200 families weekly prior to the Pandemic.

Amidst the  COVID 19  when churches  closed there doors my brother decided it was time to step up the Community Outreach and with help of many others he is now able to provide almost 2000 meals per week going on week 6 of this Pandemic. 

I am extremely orgullosa de mi hermanito!  He wants to keep moving forward and provide more help for those in need but we need to ask for your donations in order to keep up the good work. 

Michael’s motto is #dogood!


Abrazos desde lejos.


Compai George

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Day 9 of my #21DayJournal