Published On: Tue, Apr 14th, 2020

Day 3 of my #21DayJournal

Let’s Build Something Together…

#21DayJournal is a series of sometimes unedited tweets, blog posts, podcasts, Facebook / IG lives and Linked In posts written between April 11th and May 1st during the COVID-19 quarantine.


I am sorry to say, that we lost yet another Jetblue flight attendant to the Coronavirus, Ray Pabon was one of the first people I met on the line… and was loved by many.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people he ever touched in his life.

After seeing that, I felt paralyzed… I scrolled thru my timeline just knowing that I would see more of these heartbreaking posts. I did… and that kept me in bed for a few hours, to be honest. I literally watched a half-day go by and I barely got up to use the bathroom.

Then my business partner / compai Papo hit me up to let me know he was doing a grocery run and asked me if I needed anything which let to three trips to my house to bring me beverages, hot food and some meat to cook today. Although I did not even put pants on to come to the door to get my care packages… it felt so good to know him and his wife Sue thought of me that afterward that I jumped up, showered and then thought I would find a way to pay it forward.

Mondays have always been a quiet time for me, mostly because Pre-COVID, I would step back and let my prospective clients get their week going. I know it is an uphill battle getting people’s attention on a Monday… so instead, I would take off. I already planned my week on Sunday… so I simply wait on Tuesday.

Before my pivot, I worked from home and yesterday I was kind of hard on myself but honestly, I just needed to chill, get the house ready for the next three weeks. I know how to do this…

So now I decided to build something. I started reflecting on moments where we have collectively stepped up and the following came to mind.

Hurricane Sandy (2012) – At the time, I had a show on called Radio Capicu… when relief efforts were underway, we went on LIVE and started coordinating food and shelter needs right on the show.

Por Tu Familia (2013) – After a year or two volunteering with the American Diabetes Association’s PorTuFamilia Hispanic Initiative, I convinced them to give me a small budget to show them how social media can impact the amplification of the messaging. Here is a presentation showing the outcome on Slideshare

And then there was Hurricane Maria… too much to post about that, my point is that each time we have encountered extreme adversity as a community, we have found a way to leverage tech to help others.

This time is no different, I cannot fathom the thought of having access to as many people as I do and sit by doing nothing. I decided late at night that I would create a COVID-19 Resource Page that would be updated 3X daily with valuable content that influencers (like you) can share. All the content will be verified for authenticity / accuracy.

Here it is…

The following is a list of COVID-19 information that will be updated 3X a day. We will include verified information from agencies, creators, organizations, communities that are trusted and verified.

If you have a resource to share,

please email

for submission.

Read The Community Live Doc Post Here

Let’s build it & impact people who are struggling. This is your time to share your light. At the bottom of the post, I thank everyone who is contributing.

Hope is not canceled.


Abrazos desde lejos.


Compai George

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If you’re feeling suicidal or thinking of hurting yourself, seek help. Contact your primary care provider or a mental health professional. Or call a suicide hotline. In the U.S., call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or use its webchat at

Email me your thoughts, quotes, stories about how this is impacting you. I would love to share in the interest of letting people in the world know they are not alone.

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