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Dance With La Bohemian Babushka: #CertifiedSofrito

bohemian_babushka_sofrito_for_your_soulSince 1997, I have have promoted many artists, organization, websites, collectives, non profits and websites… and now with the emergence of even more Latinos producing new cultural talent than ever before, I thought it was time to distinguish the best and most consistent talent on the web today.  

#CertifiedSofrito is my way of recognizing entities that we see truly serving the Latino communities they touch day in and day out, that have a consistent record of producing quality content and last but not least, they make us feel WEPA all the time. Simply put, my Favoritos!

I first heard of the Bohemian Babushka just before my first trip to Hispanicize in 2012, I was immediately drawn because of the name. I know how an original name like that can be both incredibly powerful and at the same time can hold you back. So I started reading her blog and got to know her as a writer and wanted to be her best friend. I loved the way she expresses her energy and dances with her readers with no music at all. The first year at Hispanicize… I saw that she was there and unfortunately we did not get to chat. Right after the conference, I started reaching out via twitter (and we even attended some twitter parties together) and all that time… I remained curious as to what is next on her blog.

She tells her story in an amazing / engaging way, she has a personality that is genuine and 100% her when you meet her and last but not least she is consistent across the board. She is 100% #CertifiedSofrito


So if I have piqued your curiosity at all, let me share who Lady Babushka is… in her own words.

Purple BBCoffee crazed 1st Generation Cuban American raised in Miami (Florida). Some have described me as a “human shot of espresso” because I’m earnest in my extremism. 50, always nifty, sashaying in heels and soliloquizing in Spanglish. Basking in being bilingual- blabbing and bailando all the way! Via Cuban culture based humor I’d like to show the “humanness” in all peoples. The binding ties of family, being female, getting older and day to day life while hopefully enlightening and entertaining- this is the reason for Babushka and her dance. 

Come and dance with the Bohemian Babushka  and Follow her on Twitter


Disclaimer: Although we do sell ad campaigns on our websites, radio broadcasts and live shows, purchasing of a campaign does not entitle any entity to getting the #CertifiedSofrito branding .




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Dance With La Bohemian Babushka: #CertifiedSofrito