Published On: Wed, Nov 4th, 2009

Daily Dose Of Sofrito: The Art of ChangoBi

by: Micheal Iannuzzi

InnerChild ~ Final ~ JPG(2)

ChangoBi is a Brooklyn-born, Puerto Rican, mixed-media
artist. ChangoBi’s
artistic nature expresses itself through a variety of disciplines. Whether
you taste her spirit through her paintings, her
life-drawing, vlogging, photography, her indie films or her American Tribal
belly dance you can only embrace a part of her nature. She is a work of
living art in constant creation; an artist  continually
giving birth to her self with each stroke of the brush, twist of the word
and flash of the camera. Her art embodies her true nature; her true nature
embodies her art.

Born in the heart of Brooklyn her artistic nature lay carefully nesting
inside her; light within life waiting for the right moment to be born.
Drawn to art as a child ChangoBi faced one main obstacle to developing
her talents. Her mother couldn’t afford to pay for art lessons.
Not one to give into the fickle nature of fate, our heroine fought back
and fought back hard. Plunging head first not only into the depths of
her artistic nature, but also into the warm, fertile darkness of the New
York City subways she began to teach herself to capture life through pencil
sketches. Coursing through the veins of the city at forty miles an hour,
ChangoBi studied art by observing life underground in the New York City Subway.  She sketched unsuspecting
passengers riding alongside her through the womb of the city that never
sleeps. Working diligently and steadily towards her goal of developing
as an artist, she found herself being reborn beneath the New York streets.

In pursuit of her artistic goals, as an adult, ChangoBi found her way
to The Art Students League of New York, an intrinsic part of the New York
art scene for over 130 years. It’s there she continues to develop
her artistic talents through lectures and classes under the mentorship
of Anita Steckel. Ms. Steckel’s guidance has been an invaluable
aid to ChangoBi in sharpening and refining her technique. Now, rather
than plumbing the depths of the city subway lines, ChangoBi plumbs the
depths of her own soul and brings the secrets, sorrows, joys and treasures
within out into the world through her art. Over time her work has evolved
from her desire to understand life and the world around her into a desire
to understand herself. Each of her mixed-media photomontages is an exercise
in unraveling and deconstructing her individual essence; while they remain
open to the interpretation of the viewer they are also tapestries that
help ChangoBi to express the story of who she really is as a Puerto Rican
woman and an Artist.

Originally posted in El Boricua

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Luz "ChangoBi" Sanjurjo

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Daily Dose Of Sofrito: The Art of ChangoBi