Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd, 2009

Daily Dose Of Sofrito: Quinceanera Bootcamp

Quinceanera Raising kids in America is not easy when you are Latino. You sometimes struggle to maintain and pass down traditions to your children. I found this video a while back and it is a funny take on what a bootcamp would be like for our bratty daughters that refuse to acknowledge their Latino roots…yes the Quinceanera Bootcamp.

This is a sketch written for the University of Miami's late night sketch comedy show, "Off The Wire. ENJOY!

Boot Camp Instructor: Jennifer Lorenzo
Cuban Mother: Carolina Solano
Preppy White Girl Turned Hispanic: Amber Robertson
Gay Dance Instructor: David Gallegos
White Girl #1: Samantha Newman
White kids: Cristina Bermudez, Matthew Donovan, Carla Pimentel, Myra Giorgi, & Rachel Wolf.

Written by: Carolina Solano & Jennifer Lorenzo

Filmed by: David Marcus & Chad Bond

Edited by: Jennifer Lorenzo

Buen provecho…

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro


Daily Dose Of Sofrito: Quinceanera Bootcamp