Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2009

Daily Dose of Sofrito: “Apariencias” by Navegante

Special thanks to Sery Colon from Agueybana Productions for sending this…

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"Apariencias" Official video! from Navegante on Vimeo.

The Apariencias video is here! We'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this with us. Also, a huge thanks to Camaradas for allowing us to shoot all day and night. 
Big shout to Matt and Mike at Mallard Media for doing such an amazing job putting this thing together.
Please share this with all of your friends, familia, and anyone else who might enjoy this. 


Artist: Navegante
Director: Matt Lambert
Producer: Mike Fitzgerald
DP: Demitri Demarakos with Christopher Robinson
Art Director: Coralina Meyer

Lead Actors: Sery Colon, Angeles Paez, Orlando Polacios

Producing Crew: Alex Grigor, Jenna Greulich, Charlie Wilson, Zac Hassid, Paul Busetti, Sam Bourne, Soren

Camera Ops: Chris Shaw, James Roman
Gaffer: Sebastien Cros

Art Department: Lee Clayton, Shannon Nelson
Makeup: Sarah-Jane Sheehy

Colorist: Matt Hollywood

Filmed at Camaradas Bar, El Barrio

Produced by Mallard Media

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Daily Dose of Sofrito: “Apariencias” by Navegante