Published On: Sat, Apr 19th, 2008

Daily Dose: Ay Dios…Martha Stewart’s Paw Paw died….

Let me first say that my condolences go out to Martha Stewart during her time of mourning. My commentary is not to belittle the relationship between a pet and it’s owner…it is just me showing how twisted the mainstream media is.

I have been a lil under the weather and yesterday I decided to unplug from any contact with the outside world. I did not bulletin on MySpace, did not update my status on Facebook, all my instant messengers (aim, yahoo and gtalk)were off, turned off my favorite RSS Reader (VIIGO) and I event went so far as to turn my Blackberry Curve off so that I can just get better. Besides coming to the realization that I am too damn connected with the world…I plugged back in this morning to 17 press releases and countless blogs about Martha Stewart’s dog Paw Paw losing his battle to renal failure. You can read the AP Post here!

Is this really news? Does anyone really care? Are we that saturated by the media that we are starting to feel “connected” to people we do not even know? Or is this just some twisted publicity stunt for Martha Stewart to appear like she is “normal folk” to get all these women who follow her to buy her products? I actually went to Martha’s website and it turns out that she has a section on her blog dedicated to her pets and in her “up close and personal” blog she has a note that reads “UPDATE: Thank you for the many kind words, they are most appreciated. I have added a new picture of Paw Paw’s final resting place at the end of this post”. After reading her heartfelt blog post (do you think she really wrote it?) I called Latyn Jazz laughing and asked her what is going on in the world in the one day I decided to unplug besides that tragic demise of Martha’s Stewart’s dog. She jumped off the phone and we both decided to research and tell you what is going on in the real world during this time.

On a side note, I want to congratulate Martha Stewart’s PR Team for a spectacular job dominating the news and I want them to know that I will be looking to hire them once my media empire rises to the point that the pets in my home get a section on my website…carajo I cannot even afford a pet.

Here it is…a list of 20 things that is going on while Martha Stewart is mourning Paw Paw. (compiled by Latyn Jazz and yours truly

1. Junot Diaz won a freakin Pulitzer Prize!!!

2. The Pope is visiting the USA

3. Absolut Vodka plans to reconquer the USA…then apologizes for the plot (This is hysterical)

4. VIVA Hollywood is on VH1 so that Maria Conchita Alonso can do for Latinos what Flava Flav did for Blacks…reinforce stereotypes.

5. making big moves with MYSPACE LATINO!

6. In hidden news…Finally, a rise in Latino and Blacks admissions in the University of California system (but does that mean a decline in admission to the penal system?)

7. In The Heights is the hottest ticket on Broadway!

8. PapoSwiggity still can’t find his Choopy! How come the media is not trying to rally for that cause? huh? is it because he is BORICUA? Is it because he has ties to progressive Latino orgs in the NYC area? Stay tuned!

9. Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase has announced their next show for May 2nd featuring the comedic talent of Cindy SugaRush and countless open mic comedians and poets. Email us at for a chance to win free passes.

10. Didn’t you read #1?… Junot Diaz … a freakin Pulitzer!!!

Buen provecho pet lovers!!!

As I am,
The Urban Jibaro

Radio Capicu is back on April 23rd!!!!

Daily Dose: Ay Dios…Martha Stewart’s Paw Paw died….