Published On: Sat, Apr 4th, 2020

Content Creators Doing It For The (COVID-19) Culture!

and when I say doing it, I mean they are healing communities.

On March 11th, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 (Corona Virus) a pandemic and shifted life as we know it ever since. In the United States, most of the country is under strict orders to shelter in place. This has led to entire communities shutting down in order to slow the virus. Over 10.5 million are reported to have lost their jobs, schools have shifted to distance learning through platforms like Zoom & Google Classrooms, first responders go on a perpetual 24-hour cycle of work to manage the influx of cases overwhelming our healthcare system. There is no other way to say it… our world and lives we know are in crisis.

And suddenly, most of the world is home and is doing a mix of things… consuming content about the pandemic, sharing information (both factual and not), mobilizing relief efforts, sharing educational resources and urgent local updates that impact their communities. It is not long before community leaders start seeing that there is an urgent gap in self-care similar to what has been seen after disasters like 9/11, Hurricanes Sandy & Maria and most recently the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

Leveraging technology, artistic content creators begin addressing the gaps and start creating broadcasts with Zumba classes, Yoga sessions, Open Mic Poetry Cooking Classes & conversations around Mental Health. Almost overnight, artists have assumed a role supporting the front line in encouraging people to stay home and help flatten the curve.


D-Nice, a DJ and Rapper known for his ties to the legendary Boogie Down Productions Crew grabbed the global spotlight with an Instagram Live where he played music of all genres to a crowd of almost 100k for close to ten hours. This Instagram Live DJ set, dubbed #ClubQuarantine is not impressive because of the numbers of people vibing to DJ D-Nice’s music, it becomes the gold standard in the virtual celebration of music because of the level of engagement and the audience it garnered. Notable people that included the former First Favorite Family (Barack / Michelle Obama), sports figures, celebrities and a who’s who of all the musicians D-Nice was actually playing in his set. They were all in the comments giving each other love… and giving D life and the stamina to play all night.

Aside from the viral feel-good vibes, he left us with, he created a platform overnight that just days after this epic party he partnered with Michelle Obama to register young people to vote. His goal was 50k… by the time I am writing this they exceeded 300k. In addition to all of this, partnerships have surfaced with Spotify to keep the momentum going.

All of this literally gives life to an old club classic… “Last night a DJ saved my life”. 

George Torres

I started thinking about all of the artists who have overcome their apprehensions about creating new digital properties and have just gone into execution mode to bring us information, entertainment, wellness, and hope right into our homes by way of our screens.

Like my friend, Jose Vilson would say,

Here are the people “who aren’t D-Nice but are doing it for the culture.”

Disclosure: as we move thru time, we will be sharing many content creators and artists doing amazing work. For this article, I unapologetically decided to share members of my tribe that include my long time business partner, my clients and members of the talent agency I am signed to as a content creator.


Jennifer Cifuentes (@MoveFightLive)

This young lady is a body-positive fitness instructor certified both in Zumba & Les Mills Fitness Programs has stepped up to engage her bicoastal audience in ways they can overcome feelings of isolation during the COVID-19 Quarantine and get people moving at least 5 minutes a day.

Leveraging technology and Zumba’s licensing flexibility, she has been able to host a few successful 90-minute classes as well as group coaching sessions pivoting her live classes into a fulling digital platform able to reach people all over the world.

Stay tuned as she will be making major announcements for an expanding portfolio of membership-based coaching and wellness offerings.


On March 20th, Capicu Cultural Showcase, an organization I co-founded with Juan “Paposwiggity” Santiago was to celebrate our 13th Anniversary as the premier open mic in Brooklyn, NY. The live event was canceled due to safety concerns before the city of NYC imposed shelter in place orders. Juan Paposwiggity Santiago and I decided to revisit a concept we had tried back in 2014 of hosting a global open mic on a video platform. The project was shelved despite having a captive audience of a few hundred people because the technology was both clunky and very expensive.

That conversation had us pivoting our live event that featured some of our favorite Poets (and long time supporters) and garnered an audience of over 3700 people via a simulcast leveraging multiple cultural Facebook pages and watch parties using the Zoom technology.

Here is our first installment of the Capicu Happy Hour, where we discuss life, love and poetry in the time of COVID-19 with LatinX authors Nancy Ruffin and Maria Rodriguez…

Capicu Live!

Posted by Capicu Culture on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Moving forward, The Capicu Cultural Showcase will feature a series of talks, panels and open mics on Facebook that will also be available on a special series of my Social Sofrito Podcast.

Connect with Capicu Culture on Facebook & Instagram for upcoming events.


Think of us as the Avengers of Influence, The Justice League of Social.

Launched in 2019 by Hispanic and multicultural marketing expert Cristy Clavijo-Kish, a co-founder and former partner of Hispanicize Media Group and Hispanic PR Wire prior to their acquisitions by other companies, together with franchising and retail expert Michelle Rodriguez-Tapanes, Talento Unlimited develops digital content programs integrating its talent with brand and organizational initiatives. With a combined reach of more than five million across a variety of social media channels and websites, the Talento roster aims to enrich the lives of their digital audiences with ongoing engaging content.

Talento Unlimited’s roster features leading Latinx influencers and network TV contributors including national network and syndicated radio host Alberto Sardinas, international photography expert Bonnie Rodriguez-Krzywicki, Miss Universe 2017 contestant turned Gen Z inspirational influencer Dannah Hernandez and the popular Mexican-American Millennial comedy duo Mexican Gueys.

“During this current shift in marketing toward community initiatives that support millions of people under home quarantine and financial stress, Talento aims to further develop the creators’ organizational content partnerships that foster opportunities for brands and other entities to develop meaningful organic content with creators that share their vision, find common ground and can deliver engagement from a variety of angles,” said Clavijo-Kish.

Here is a video introducing some of the team and highlighting what we are doing to engage our respective audiences in both English & Spanish.

Here is the founding roster of Talento Unlimited Talent:

  • Nationally Syndicated Motivational Radio Host & Network TV Presenter, Alberto Sardiñas
  • Healthy living, recipe developer, author & Content Creator Lily Ramirez- Recetas Lily
  • Comedians & Cultural Lifestyle Content Creators & Podcasters Jairo & Bryan- Mexican Gueys
  • Lifestyle photographer and photogenic tips expert influencer & Tik Tok star Bonnie Rogriguez-Krzywicki
  • Telemundo network contributor, Lifestyle & Travel Content Creator and entrepreneur Alexa Olavarria
  • Network TV Presenter, Fashion & Lifestyle Creator + Fashion Brand owner Anabelle Blum
  • Trained Chef, Food Network show contestant, millennial dad, retired veteran & restaurateur Ronaldo Linares
  • Social media coach, digital storyteller & Puerto Rico expert, George Torres- Urban Jibaro (thats me)
  • Motivational Lifestyle Business Coach, Amazon Best-Selling Author & national speaker Luly B
  • Tech, lifestyle and cultural influencer Claudia Krusch- Trendy Latina 
  • Singer, adolescent therapist and La Voz Semi Finalist Adrianna Foster 

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the latest additions to the talent and digital events roster. For more information and opportunities reach the group via:

Content Creators Doing It For The (COVID-19) Culture!