Published On: Fri, Sep 17th, 2010

Connecting With Latino Culture: Discover Latino Internet Radio!

Urbanlatino This is Tip #4 from our special series…"30 Tips On Connecting With Latino Culture"  


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Tip #4 – Discover Latino Internet Radio

Capicu_Show Internet radio is really on the come up…and is in my opinion the best radio format to get your message or music to a global audience. Stations are popping up everywhere and the talent (primarily in the Latino genre) is amazing. What is so great about Internet Radio is that you can choose your station based on what you like to hear be it music, gossip or just plain talk.

I have been broadcasting a live talk show on the internet since July '07, first thru Blog Talk Radio but about 7 months ago, we decided to make a move to Urban Latino Radio, a station founded by the very popular Urban Latino Magazine. The station is home to an amazing group of radio personalities that I promise to highlight in a future post.


Urban Latino Radio broadcasts on the Internet, which unlike terrestrial radio (FM/AM) limits you to a local area or satelitte radio (Sirius / XM) that only broadcasts to people who pay a subscription. We were the first show to broadcast a live format interactive talk show for Latinos on the internet.



The Capicu Show airs on Friday nights (YES TONIGHT!) from 10pm until Midnight. If you never have listened to internet radio…make our show your first.

What to expect?




Who knows???…it is your show…we talk about culture, the news, issues in our community and each other. 

The magic of The Capicu Show has always been that we speak from the heart and we explore topics that we feel matter in the community…we know this to be true because YOU submitted the topics. The one major change is that we will be adding MUSIC to the mix which is something that YOU the listener felt was missing from our format.

So are you ready to become part of our journey?

Here is how to listen 

Simply log in to Urban Latino Radio at 10pm (EST) on your PC, Mac, Laptop or some Smartphones.

Here is how to interact with us live-


To call in live on the air – 1-718-841-7855

To send us an IM on AIM –  "RadioCapicu"

To email us –

(We will be reading your reactions on the air…so preparate!)


Here is what you can do by interacting...


Start Topics, Say what is on your mind, request a song, join the conversation, spit a poem, tell us a story, rant, rave and whatever else you can possibly think of….just be nice to us, because it is our show…we reserve the right to hang up on you 🙂


How did I discover Internet Radio?




LLDJPERSONALCOLLAGE I discovered internet radio years ago, thanks to a special woman that will forever hold a place in my heart. Latin Lady DJ Margarita was a dynamic lover of all Latin music (but most of all Salsa) and she pioneered the early days of internet radio with her show ALMA CARIBEÑA. This show was streamed on so many websites and rebroadcast on so many terrestrial stations you would have thought she was a syndicated radio personality. To me she was a friend and an inspiration…we often talked about what my website would sound like if it were a radio show. 2 years after that conversation… The Capicu Show was born, and although Margarita is no longer with us… she remains the spiritual Madrina of our show. Que En Paz Descanse Amiga!

Stay tuned in the coming days I will be providing you a list of internet radio shows (and stations) that I listen too regularly so that you can expand your cultural horizon.

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro


Connecting With Latino Culture: Discover Latino Internet Radio!