Published On: Sun, Jul 13th, 2014

Commitment is a Two Way Street

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Just a few days ago, one of our staff writers Ricky Z wrote about his new found Morning Boost: The belvita Breakfast Biscuits and the theme of commitment when it comes to his personal health. I too struggle with having balanced meals and I am consistently looking for an easier way to do that, so this is my public “Thank You” to Ricky for sharing.

This weekend, as the big game approaches, you see the commitment of the Latino fans as they shift focus  from a National focus to a more Pan American focus… they are now cheering for LATIN AMERICA!

Now I am not a big Soccer fan, but I have to say watching the game with Colombia vs. Brazil was exciting. I had friends on both teams so the room I watched the game in was insane with trash talking, happy moments and moments that were painful to watch.

Both teams played so well and you can see that competitive spirit, you can see their commitment to their fans. You can see that 4 years of wins and losses, countless practice and work out all came down to this game. They left their hearts and souls on the field.

As history will have it… Colombia walked away with an elimination in the series… but not with the fans. The team by most accounts had played their very best the whole series and although the fans were disappointed,  they still gave them an amazing homecoming parade and heralded as heroes.

I do not think I have seen that kind of passion exhibited in any sporting event in my whole life… they showed that commitment is a two way street. As far as committed fans are concerned… in my book Soccer fans are King!

So now it is time for the big game… who do you want to win?

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George Torres

Commitment is a Two Way Street