Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012

Coco Latino Hispanic Identity Video Project!

Mi Gente…

Here is your chance to really express your passion for who you are as a Latino and win  $10,000 and a trip to H2O L.A. from Coco Latino!

If I were you I would pull out my camera and start talking about what you always talk about anyway… TU ORGULLO.

Buen Provecho.

Urban Jibaro


Announcing the Coco Latino Hispanic Identity Video Project! First place winner receives $10,000 and trip to the H2O Music Festival in Los Angeles. Upload your video now at .

Attention Latino filmmakers, camera jockeys, visual artists and webcam heroes: The Coco Latino Project wants your original videos describing what it means to be, live and succeed as a Latino in the United States. Video entries will be judged on content and creativity with one winner walking away with $10,000 — that’ll get you 20 percent closer to that RED Cinema camera you’ve been dreaming about, or pay for some high-quality studio time.

Want to give it a shot? Your Coco Latino video submission must follow one of these five themes to qualify:
1) Identidad “Yo, Hispano” (Me, the Hispanic)
2) Familia “Miembro de una Familia” (Part of a Family)
3) Hogar “Compartir un Hogar” (Share a Home)
4) Influencia “Dejar Mi Marca en el Mundo” (Leaving My Mark on the World)
5) Comida “Compartir la Hora de Comida” (Sharing Mealtime)

Official contest rules:


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Coco Latino Hispanic Identity Video Project!