Published On: Tue, Dec 30th, 2014

Cheat Sheet: 5 Resolutions For A Healthier New Year!

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have you written your resolutions yet?

I will preface this post by saying I am not really big on New Years Resolutions personally but I do understand that this is something that the majority of you do… so I will frame my post in a way that you can easily implement.

You have heard from me… and many people I am sure, that living a healthier existence requires small changes that will lead to long term lifestyle changes.

DISCLAIMER… This post will not address all of your resolutions just the most important ones 😉

Here is my Cheat Sheet: 5 Resolutions For A Healthier New Year!

1 – Drink More Water

Did you know 60% of your body is water? Water is a foundation of our existence and nothing works better to quench your thirst. It is often recommended that you drink 8 glasses (8oz) of water a day, but according to the Mayo Clinic it should be more like 13 glasses (of fluid) for men and 9 glasses (of fluid) for women. According to them, all fluid counts towards your daily intake but water is still the best option. Drinking more water led me to drinking less sugary drinks and shedding the pounds over time.

2- Start 2015 with a full physical.

Get full blood work, have an honest conversation with your Doctor and find out what adjustments you need to make. Keep in mind that obesity, heart disease and diabetes are all linked to the same (bad) lifestyle choices we make. The good news is by being proactive you may be able to reverse a lot of what you may already genetically predisposed to. if you do not have insurance, many community health centers offer this service for free, check your local government websites for more info.

3 – Move more… it makes a difference.

Research shows that even just 10 minutes of exercise makes a difference and can reverse most aspects of aging. I personally am shooting for a 30 minute routine per day minimum. Taking stairs instead of escalator, parking your car a little further from your destination all help add to a regular exercise routine. The one thing that would help most is something that many of us love to do… DANCE. Consider cranking up your ipod and dancing a song or two in the privacy of your own home… or better yet, visit your local dance studio and sign up for some Salsa lessons to help you get healthier (and meet new likeminded people).

4 – Make better choices when eating out.

I will not lie…this one is the hardest thing to do out of all 5… but also the most important. I will just share what I am doing (I am down almost 50lbs in 6 months). I have been better about my choices especially when I travel like ordering appetizers instead of entrees, taking advantage of the pre-dinner salad in an effort to fill up on some greens as well and I try to avoid a lot of starches (rice and bread). If I get an entree, I kindly ask the wait staff to get me a container so I can portion what I am going to eat and take the rest home (doggy bags rock!). Last but not least… I am carrying fruit, nuts and string cheese as snacks when I travel to avoid unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies and cupcakes. It is all about knowing your triggers… which is why I am currently avoiding Pizzerias wherever I go.

5 – Get some rest, your body will thank you!

I get it, you lead a very busy lifestyle and work long hours. I will tell you from first hand experience that you need to get rest or your body will eventually force you to. This means getting a full 8 hours sleep, taking stretching breaks when working at the computer and having fun when you are not at work. Life is too short to be all business all the time. Being happy and enjoying life helps reduce stress, so have fun and do things that will keep you balanced.

Want to learn more about where your state ranks as far as healthy living?

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If you have health insurance, call and ask them about wellness programs. Many providers offer this as a great support system to help you be proactive and get on the right path to a healthier and happier life. These types of services can also help you address other lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking and potential drug abuse… all things that can major roadblocks for you personally.

As you already know, I am being extra vulnerable and sharing my experiences in dealing with being what doctors consider morbid obesesity and my struggle with diabetes so that you can bear witness to my transformation online. I hope that my bumps and bruises make it easier for you to get healthy… trust me you do not want to live thru what I have been thru.

If you happen to be reading this and you are a fitness expert, life coach, healthy chef  or health educator… please consider sharing your resources with me (and my readers) by adding the #ProyectoHealth hashtag to your tweets, statuses, posts and Instagrams. We appreciate your continued support.

What resolutions would you add to the list?

Let us know in the comments below…

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Cheat Sheet: 5 Resolutions For A Healthier New Year!