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Certified Sofrito: Piel Canela International Dance Company

Since 1997, I have have promoted many artists, organization, websites, collectives, non profits and websites… and now with the emergence of even more Latinos producing new cultural talent than ever before, I thought it was time to distinguish the best and most consistent talent on the web today.  

#CertifiedSofrito is my way of recognizing entities that we see truly serving the Latino communities they touch day in and day out, that have a consistent record of producing quality content and last but not least, they make us feel WEPA all the time. Simply put, my Favoritos!

In January… I would like to recognize Piel Canela, an International Dance Company located right here in NYC.


Piel Canela Dancers


I stumbled on Piel Canela’s school online in 2007, when I was looking for a school for my daughter and I to take “Daddy / Daughter” Salsa Classes. I really liked the branding, the price was right but the location was not ideal for me at the time.We ended up attending a school closer to LI. I did, however sign up for the newsletter and have consistently seen this organization grow in so many ways. Joe Burgos… the author behind every carefully crafted email has to be one of the most consistent and professional small business marketers out there.

Joe has built a beautiful brand that truly preserves one of the most visually stunning art forms we have as Latinos. That is why Joe and his Piel Canela Team are #CertifiedSofrito

Although I have never met Joe or visited the school, I look forward to doing so, documenting it and bringing some more information your way… I would not be a good Jibaro if I didn’t.

Here is a little about them… right from their website

Piel Canela is an International Latin Dance Company, with performance in over 20 countries, participation in every major Salsa congress, and a very long list of corporate clients. We offer choroegraphed dance shows, dance lessons, and freestyle dancing in every major latin dance. We also can provide full event planning and entertainment services including: dancers, instructors, bands, Djs, and catering services.

For more information contact us at 212-924-6160

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Certified Sofrito: Piel Canela International Dance Company