Published On: Sun, Nov 1st, 2009

Celebrate Life: Dia de Los Muertos

Mi Gente…

It is the morning after Halloween…and now it is time to delve into the Mexican celebration of life called Dia De Los Muertos. I actually knew a little about this celebration but this amazing documentary made me want to jump on a flight this morning to California to experience this first hand…I will one day.

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Celebrate Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) through the eyes of dancers, artists and historians passionate about the most revered Hispanic holiday in the world. Discover the vibrancy of several contemporary Day of the Dead celebrations in Southern California, including live concert footage of the Latin group Quetzal. Explore the colorful customs, meaning and artistic and cultural significance of this holiday that honors loved ones who have passed on, and discover how this traditional expression of love and respect for the dead is the ultimate celebration of life.


You can view the entire documentary below and purchase your own copy here.

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Celebrate Life: Dia de Los Muertos