Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

What Do You Celebr8? Join The Movement!


#Celebr8YOU – A movement that began as a social media party is now an inspirational campaign to have folks celebrate anything they would like once a month on the 8th of every month. With so much Darkness occurring in this world–It is our duty to spread Positive Vibes so that our planet Earth, our beautiful world receives LOVE and it all starts with YOU!

Most people celebrate themselves on their birthdays, which only comes once a year! Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate yourself for anything (i.e. accomplishments, birthdays, goals achieved, etc.) once a month? Let’s observe the 8th day of every month to celebrate YOU!

Background Story:

After 5 months of planning a special birthday for my son and I (birthday cruise). I was instantly hit with the news that I had to perform emergency surgery just a few days before my actual birthday-with full recovery that will take months after. Needless to say, I couldn’t celebrate my birthday nor my son’s birthday on our cruise. I thought, well, what a year for me to miss celebrating myself, but I would soon be celebrating that success of my surgery instead. This of course will be months after and I thought, Why WAIT to celebrate yourself on your birthday?! We all have something to celebrate about ourselves on any given day. Let’s observe one day of the month to celebrate something about YOU!! Whether you lost five pounds, or gained five pounds or received a promotion or started that book, or the greatest gift of all, You woke up today–We all have something to celebrate!

On the 8th of any month hashtag #Celebr8YOU and post a picture, an image or status or inspirational quote or video of you or anything you want to share with what you are celebrating.

What will you be celebrating?


What Do You Celebr8? Join The Movement!