Published On: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering, It Is Still Latino Heritage Month!



Ok… so I have been pretty much out of commission being under the weather and all… and I missed a lot of the conversation around Latino Heritage Month in the interwebs. I know that with crazy bikers attacking, the series finale of Breaking Bad and the government shutdown you may have been a tad bit distracted having very engaging conversations on Facebook and Twitter.  As I emerge from my Nyquil induced haze, I wanted to share some of what you may have missed, specifically from our good friends ./ partners over at DIGIBUNCH. Yes I am talking about this years Latino Trailblazers.

The 2013 class of Latino Trailblazers include community leaders, journalists, music artists, lawyers, poets and social media thought leaders. DigiBunch, in partnership with Being Latino, Hispanicize digital, UPLIFTT, LatinoYoSoy, SofritoForYourSoul and Latina Mom Bloggers, will be unveiling each of the video profiles daily between now through October 18th on DigiBunch’s Facebook page at

“We’re delighted to join other social media community platforms and talented artists in telling the stories of these Latino trendsetters and thought leaders”

Each of the 20, 1-minute video profiles include a creatively illustrated narrative story about what makes each trailblazer remarkable. The Latino profiles were individually illustrated by one of four Latino artists. Join us as artist Edwin Gil recreates his Trailblazers using recycled glass, Alex Buga creates masterpieces of the Trailblazers made of thousands of beads, Joe Barber recreates his Trailblazers using the human head as a canvas and clippers as his brush and Sergio Andujar recreates each Trailblazers on a vinyl canvas

As an official two week recap… I have posted the first two weeks (10 videos) in this post so you can catch up… and since they are FB embedded you can feel free to share with your friends.


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In Case You Were Wondering, It Is Still Latino Heritage Month!