Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2007

Capicu Recap: A Night Of Concious Hip Hop

The talent at Capicu Poetry was off the meter last Friday, from start to end!
The folks on line waiting to get in to the show were treated to a

random act of poetry as Dean (Street Truth TV) and his troops set out
to perform out in public and capture the reactions of onlookers that
came out of buildings and off of the corners to see what was causing
all the commotion. It was really intriguing as people from the
neighborhood came up and started asking questions about Street Truth,
Capicu and performance poetry in general, and some were even motivated
to come in to watch the show.

In the spirit of a night of Concious Hip Hop, Host Papo Swiggity
opened the show with a monologue to set the tone for what was about to
go down in Area 51.

If God wanted to speak to us today,
in this room and around the world
to reach our innermost being
and affect us at the basic level of our understanding

He would probably drop a Hip Hop album

Such is the strength and reach of our music today
But let it be known that God already speaks to us

not through sword carrying angels or bushes aflame
If you ever zoned out to

Grandmaster Flash,
Slick Rick,
Rakim Allah,
KRS One,
Queen Latifah,
Poor Righteous Teachers,
Common Sense,
Lauryn Hill,
Mos Def,
Talib Kweli,
Immortal Technique…

Then you have heard his voice!

Tonight was a little bit different as Capicu Poetry had to switch up
the format a bit to accomodate the heavyweight second half of the
show. The Open Mic performers included some of our Capicu loyalists as
well as some new faces to our Brooklyn home.  Performances included a
collabo piece between Dean and Brother Derrick, a solo by Brother

Derrick,  Bella Trastorna, Conan (with his entourage…I see you

playa), Boricuation artist G-Positive, Royal T, Chilo, OL SoUL,
Essence LaMonde,  Poeta Guerrera,  and a surprise visit and reading
from the multi-talented and highly revered Sandra Garcia Rivera.

The second half featured a dynamic performance by Division X that

really brought back that old hip hop flavor that unfortunately many of
our young people are unfamiliar with today. Special invited guests
included amazing performaces by Mauikai (you gotta hear Negative
Space…wow), Alvare (complete with tracks and lyrics meant to get
your espiritu flowing) and some real positive words and poetry (The
Product) from the legendary DJ Disco Wiz!
Also, in the audience we saw fellow Williamsburg progressive artists 1 Soul.

See you all on May 18th, when the featured performers will be Bonafide
Rojas and his band The Mona Passage. In the words of Bona…

Capicu Recap: A Night Of Concious Hip Hop