Published On: Sat, May 1st, 2010

Capicu Show Launches Tonight: Everything You Need To Know…


Tonight is the night is relaunch The Capicu Show live from Brooklyn NYC on Urban Latino Radio…and it also my birthday!!! 

Who is more excited than me?

We go on the air at 10pm tonight with the intention of giving you a voice on internet radio as we have for the last 2.5 years.

Since there always seems to be confusion about where we air…and how you can listen in…I decided to give you a "How To Guide" on how you can listen in from anywhere in the world.

We broadcast on the Internet, which unlike terrestrial radio (FM/AM) limits you to a local area or satelitte radio (Sirius / XM) that only broadcasts to people who pay a subscription. We were the first show to broadcast a live format talk show for Latinos on the internet.

Who are your hosts? 

The Capicu Show is hosted and produced by the Capicu Playas. 

Urban Jibaro,  La Chica Que Pica and The Guy…

(No explanations here, you will have to listen to understand)

Music provided by DJ. Sambarella and DJ Tommy Tunez

What to expect?

Who knows??? is your show…we talk about culture, the news, issues in our community and each other. 

The magic of The Capicu Show has always been that we speak from the heart and we explore topics that we feel matter in the community…we know this to be true because YOU submitted the topics. The one major change is that we will be adding MUSIC to the mix which is something that YOU the listener felt was missing from our format.

So are you ready to become part of our journey?

Brooklyn BridgeThe View From Our Studio


Here is how to listen 

simply log in to Urban Latino Radio at 10pm (EST) on your PC, Mac or Laptop.

Here is how to interact

To call in live on the air – 1-718-841-7855

To send us an IM on AIM –  "RadioCapicu"

To email us –

(We will be reading your reactions on the air…so preparate!

Here is what you can do by interacting…

Start Topics, Say what is on your mind, request a song, join the conversation, spit a poem, tell us a story, rant, rave and whatever else you can possibly think of….just be nice to us, because it is our show…we reserve the right to hang up on you 🙂

As I am…

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

My profiles: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

Contact me: Skype/urbanjibaro

CapicuRadioLogo About Radio Capicu

Radio Capicu hosted by Urban Jibaro, The Guy and La Chica Que Pica promises to keep listeners captivated with the latest in news and information about cultural events and items of interest in the Latino / Urban community worldwide. Segments will include music, spoken word poetry, in depth interviews and discussions with prominent people in our community about issues relevant to the evolution of our culture as well as the preservation of our heritage. Think of us as your Latino town hall meeting.

Urbanradio About Urban Latino

As the first lifestyle and cultural publication geared to bicultural Latinos, Urban Latino has earned its rightful place: we are the premier magazine for both male and female Latinos in the United States.

Since 1994, we have been exploring the contemporary lives of a new generation that is embarking on its own distinct journey.

Poised to be the largest market in the new millennium, Latinos will forge ahead, delineating our path, setting our own goals, creating our own agenda, and interpreting and living out distinct and intertwined lives.

We are on the cusp of a new culture forged from the vastness of Latin American heritage and the richness of contemporary U.S. society.

Join the culture, the movement, the magazine. (and now the Radio…)

Capicu Show Launches Tonight: Everything You Need To Know…