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Capicu Poets, Want To Build Your Audience?

For the people who like to consume their information in skittle sized bites… –

Attention Poets & Artists: #CapicuCulture wants to help you reach a bigger audience for FREE.


For those detail oriented people… here is the long version.

It is 2014… and change is always present in the world of #CapicuCulture… and as our next show approaches, we will be making some pretty amazing announcements about “what’s next” for Capicu… please connect with us on twitter, instagram,  facebook and follow the #capicuculture hashtag so you don’t miss a beat.


Recently, I have been thinking about how many performance poets have limited audience for their work since most of their focus is on open mics, cd’s and feature shows. There are a growing number of you however, that are looking to publish… many of you have… Congrats to Lemon Andersen, Maria Aponte, Papoleto, Peach McClory and Peggy Robles (just to name a few) who have all published great projects in 2013… (and I own all of them)

Shameless Plug– Did you know we are having a special Capicu show to celebrate the release of  Nancy Arroyo Ruffin’s  new work, ‘Letters to My Daughter’… RSVP now on Feisbuk!


As our platform grows, we want to make sure that we are using it to propel those aspiring poets, writers and storytellers using the audience we have connected with over the last 16 years, many of which originally connected because of the power of  poetry. What I would like to do moving forward is feature some of your performance work on this site in both written form as well as video.


We are looking for articles, columns, short stories, music, written and spoken word poetry, video as well as all kinds of artwork to document the evolution of our culture in the United States.

By submitting your work,  you build an audience that can connect with your work outside of the stage and help you get the word out about your next project and the best part, it is all FREE to you, the only thing you need to invest is time getting the submission together.

Here is what you need to submit for publication;

  • Brief bio ( please include links to social media, sound cloud and any blogs)
  • The submission (MS Word format is preferred for written works)
  • Your official signature (including any copyright notice)
  • High resolution picture of you and any addl. graphics in .JPG, .GIF and .PNG formats (*)
  • If you have product, feel free to send us the links so that we can promote it.

(*) Make sure that you let us know who to credit for any graphics you submit.

Sofrito For Your Soul / Capicu Cultural Showcase are a reality because of people like you who contribute and help us grow.

If you are interested in submitting your work for publication please submit by sending your submission via email at

Concerned about copyright infringmement?

Read the article “10 Myths of Copyright”

Read more:


Want To Network in NYC?

I invite you to join the Social Sofrito list so that I can keep you in the loop about incredible opportunities for you to network, build your business and participate in community driven social good projects that I have personally curated or from partners I trust.

This is a NYC / Tri-State Event list…with the occasional invite to National conferences like Hispanicize in Miami.

These events may include real life events, conferences, meetups, webinars, podcasts and social media campaigns. In addition, there may be opportunities for us to combine our strengths and collaborate, this is an open invite to see what it is that Sofrito Media Group is up to. Most importantly… you will get these invites in a timely fashion.

IMPORTANT: This list will never be shared with anyone  (te lo juro) and you will almost certainly not get more than 2 emails a month from me.

I look forward to connecting with you thru this newsletter, feel free to share this invite with anyone you think can benefit from these types of events.

If you have any questions…

Call me at 516-690-7397


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Capicu Poets, Want To Build Your Audience?