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#CAPICUBRUJA- The Legend of Nuyo Rico! (A Capicu Open Mic Recap)

It was a Dark & Stormy night in New York City -or so sayeth the Accu-Weather Forecast- (insert spooky theme music of your own design here), and a mob 100 strong from as far away as Florida made their way to the outskirts of Brooklyn, to the hoodfamous Capicu, to go into the Chupacabra Cave and search for the Monstros & Cucos of self expression. This was a voyage that some had undertaken before as part of a spiritual ,journey, but this night was different. Legend had it that in this cave, on that very night, they would find a truly rare creature. The most infamous Witch of the realm…La Bruja of Nuyo Rico!

265753_2043791027639_1630279040_2055388_278427_o Upon giving coins to a charming gatekeeper with the birthday hat known as the Goddess, they were
greeted by the buzzing of Capicu worker bees with dominoes on their chests, serving mixed spirits… oh, and Cheese Fries. For a good price, the gypsy Jennifer V would brand a domino into the visitors chests, so that they would camouflage  into the elements of the cave. Virginia, and Jason -the King Bee- were adorned with many, many ceremonial tattoos. The visitors were enchanted by the rhythmic sounds of the siren Sambarella echoing through the caverns. Oh yes.. there was booty-shakin'. Big time. The roaming cave-dweller with the glowing Blue Tooth that appears to be everywhere at once…thats the Urban Jibaro. Research Analysis shows that he is a mastermind and liason between the outside world and the ever-elusive Chupacabra who doesn't return emails.

Near the entrance, they made their first big encounter with a subject of tonights hunt. A majestic giant by the name of Santiago was painting a portrait of his muse on an entire wall with beams of fire, and the visitors were drawn to the spectacle like Puerto Ricans to the Piragua Cart. Many gave coins for a piece of his color shifting Fire. 

280607_2043793067690_1630279040_2055393_590252_o Delving deeper into the darkness, armed with flashing torches usually used by the youth – and politicians – for sexting scandals – the cave was illuminated by the mob. In the deepest cavern, the flashing attracted the most beautiful and strange creatures offering poems and laughter. One by the name of Boo offered treats in the shape of the Capicu to the visitors. And they got a wonderful high off of the sugar, and they got  an amazing high off of the culture.  In that cavern, three wise creatures carried the biggest torches of all. They called themselves The Maestro, Taino Image, and Georgie. The visitors were assured that their journey tonight would be forever etched into The Facebook – a very special tome used by the Capicu cult (and a gazillion people but who cares about those guys, right?) to secure their place in history. Or herstory, whatever floats your boat or tickles your pickle. A black panther roared from cliffs up high, the Jibaro called him Keith Roach and said he was a guardian of the truth. A brilliant being that was made of vibrations… or sensations? No wait…La Sensacion! She showed the visitors beautiful beast after beautiful beast from this realm. 

265457_229219847111578_100000706943732_745651_4962776_o In the middle of the night, upon hearing mysterious Gongs possibly swiped from a 1980s WWF Wrestling video, La Sensacion became air and the resident urban legend showed itself. The Nuyo Chupacabra! and there was much hubbubbery and horror! (Probably about the fact that their drinks were half-full. Time to re-up at the bar!). In case you were curious, the Chupacabra has the face of a Mexican Luchador. Bet you don't get that fact from your Snapple bottlecap. A beautiful curly haired muse with an unspeakable name (probably people can't pronounce Olalana Sasu) brings him spirits, she is the Keeper of his Soul. He came with a small army of jesters and payasos at first that riled the mob up with laughter, deeper into the night as we approached the Witching Hour…the wordsmiths came back out to educate, to entertain, and sometimes to talk about booty slappin'.

And then, there she was, the Holy Grail of their journey. The all powerful spellcaster herself, LA BRUJA! Her father emerged from the shadows to show them his footprints, he had lived in this cave before many of us were born! With mere whispers, she encapsulated the crowd in her energy and opened up a portal through the roof of the cave. With songs and screams she levitated the energy bubble and took them all on a wild ride through a rip in the space/time continuum. Coming here, not fully knowing what to expect- our visitors were in awe of the panorama as they flew into Puerto Rico, to the Bronx, to the WTC, and incredibly – landing each of them safely into a living memory of their Abuelitas Cocina! The Chupacabra danced with glee…he likes to eat. And burp. Actually, not so much with the burping, but you get it. 

Many woke up the next morning -hungover of course – wondering if this was all a dream. When they found her book of spells – THE POETICIAN – and the colorful flames of Santiago by their bedsides, they realized yes, it is a dream, but its a dream we're sharing (no, scratch that— a dream we're living) – TOGETHER… and it's not over. (I thought I told ya that we won't stop!)

Check out a video slide show created by our beloved Jaime "El Maestro" Emeric – Click Here




Shout out to Santiago and Caridad De La Luz for giving us the night we've been dreaming about for years, to Notice Lounge, to the Capicu team, to the Swiggity Cartel, and all of the Open Mic'ers that hit our stage!

Jaime The Maestro, Lulu Nova, Vigo, Chance, Taino Image, Poetic Infliction, El David, Boo, Sergio Ureña, Red Clay Woman, Jay 'El Payaso' Watkins, Jonny Penn, Jawaan Carmona, Blaze A Page, TATU, Yubelky Rodriguez, Dean, Tamara G. Saliva, Natalie Pinero, Tiffany Rodriguez,  Super Poeta & Poetess Supreme 

PaPo Swiggity
The Nuyo Chupacabra

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#CAPICUBRUJA- The Legend of Nuyo Rico! (A Capicu Open Mic Recap)