Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2008

Capicu Poetry Kicks Off 2008!

It is 2008 and the Capicu New Year has begun in Brooklyn…marking the “Year of The Choops.” For clarification, “Choops” is a new Latino term of endearment, based on the idea of a comedic urban chupacabra. The Capicu Playas returned to their cultural sanctuary in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of
Williamsburg to celebrate 9 months of success culminating in the Pa’l Pueblo charity event last December. This community initiative brought smiles to local kids of Bushwick United Head Start this holiday season. This carnaval of poetic wordplay did not come without its own array of surprises as the socially conscious from as far away as New Jersey and even Texas made their way over the Verrazano bridge to feed their souls. They did so with the amazing artwork of Taino Spirit serving as a backdrop providing visual inspiration to poets anxious to perform their work for the first time at Capicu Poetry.

The Urban Jibaro opened the show by screaming “is Capicu in the house?” to about 95 guests who started the night early at the Capicu Culture Happy Hour with Notice Lounge Mojito’s and Apple Martinis. The crowd went crazy as he introduced master of ceremony PaPo Swiggity to reclaim his mic and officially begin the show. He came in dancing to the beat of a Capicu Culture produced Soulja Boy song spoof “ChoopyMan,” laced with references to Capicu’s show. The young crowd loved it and sang along with the “Capicu” hook. Show producer Javier “The Guy” Ramirez looked around and simply said “wow…what a crowd.” It had just become a reality, CAPICU POETRY was back…and better than ever!

The centerpiece of this cultural showcase is the open mic, and tonight we had an amazing line up of poets. These poets included Ancestral Poetisa (NJ), Jose Arias (SI). Rebel Eagle, Definition, artist Reina Miranda and Noshawn Street, who was moved to perform for the first time in 3 years because of the sense of Familia he felt in the room. Poets returning to Capicu were Ponce, Susan Justianio aka Rescue, Yubelky Rodriguez, Bella Trastorna, Bushwick’s own Conan and we were blessed with a surprise performance from North (of the boogie down hard knock rockers Division X), dropping an exclusive single of their upcoming hip hop release. We ended the night strong with an in depth look at the world of hip hop poet Blaze – A – Page through his words. His poetry echoed a message of hope through adversity, indifference and the importance of friendship in the presence of some of the people he credited as having pulled him thru the dark times. He paused for a moment to invite his good friend “Lissette Lissette” to perform her written works for the very first time in public, which she ended with her new poetic signature “I am Lissette Lissette, The Renaissance
Woman, Don’ t Forget.” Blaze ended his dynamic performance with an ode to what it means to be Puerto Rican to thunderous applause, laughter and CAPICU cheers from the crowd.

Featured visual artist Taino Spirit, a Capicu Culture sponsor, raffled off custom hand painted Taino inspired jackets and prints to the crowd throughout the night. Taino Spirit also presented the Capicu Playas with an original painting of them in caricature form, as well as a custom made RADIO CAPICU jacket that was modeled by the Urban Jibaro. Aguilar Marerro displayed great generosity when he took the jacket off his back to give to a Brooklynite that had relocated to TEXAS so that she can take home a piece of “LATINO NY” with her. She was overcome by joy when at the last minute she also won the raffle of a TAINO SPIRIT
piece that was recently featured at the Museum of Natural History.

The feedback from the crowd was amazing as Radio Capicu host Urban Jibaro talked to the people during the breaks:

Denise (Brooklyn) – “I have not been to an open mic this intense since the Sugar Shack, thanks for bringing poetry back to Brooklyn.”
Giovanni (Harlem) “Very profound and original.”
Evelyn (Queens) ” It was right on point, very creative.”
Flower from East New York – “This is my first time at a poetry show…it was deep!”
NoShawn Street (Brooklyn) “Definition’s poetry impacted me so much I had to get on the mic, it’s like a family here.”
Jose Arias (Staten Island) “This is what Brooklyn needs…food for the masses…”
Ponce – “It is always a pleasure to work with Latinos that are doing things in the community.”

Once the show ended, the Capicu Culture Happy Hour was reborn and the party began…and did not end until 3am. We danced all night to the best of Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop and Reggaeton at Notice Lounge while
we got our drink on! This is what Notice Lounge is known for…simply being “THE HOT SPOT” to be. We thank Jason, the owner for giving us a voice in Brooklyn.

So there it is people. If you have read a recap or two about what we have done here in Brooklyn. Levantate! It is time for you to experience it for yourself.

Visit and sign up to win free passes to the premier venue for cultural expression in NY. We also have a Myspace page at

Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their cousins….We do this for you!

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Capicu Poetry Kicks Off 2008!